Hiroshima University IGSトークショー「私の留学体験」を実施しました... | Berita | JPSS, Website informasi belajar di Jepang | 2020/06/17 update

Hiroshima University IGSトークショー「私の留学体験」を実施しました... | Beri...

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2020/06/17 Hiroshima University Berita sekolah

IGS Talkshow: My Study Abroad Experience

We are currently in a very strange unfortunate situation, and all we can to do is to stay at home. But this pandemic won’t stop the creativity of IGS students, as we had our first ever online IGS Talk Show series entitled: “My Study Abroad Experience”. Third year Japanese students shared their experiences in their study abroad last year while International students shared their unique experiences here in Japan. Overall, 12 students got to share their adventures in 6 talk shows and up to 50 other IGS students, including the Professors, watched online. We’re hoping that this IGS Talk Show can be a new exciting tradition organized by IGS students.

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