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Bagi Anda yang ingin melanjutkan studi ke Shumei University. JAPAN STUDY SUPPORT merupakan situs informasi studi di Jepang untuk para pelajar/mahasiswa(i) mancanegara yang dikelola bersama oleh The Asian Students Cultural Association (ABK) dan Benesse Corp. Kami menyediakan informasi rinci per fakultas, termasuk Fakultas Tourism and Business ManagementatauFakultas English, IT and ManagementatauFakultas Management and Administration, Shumei University. Bagi yang mencari informasi melanjutkan studi ke Shumei University, silakan memanfaatkannya. Selain itu, kami juga menyediakan informasi sekitar 1300 universitas, pascasarjana, universitas yunior, akademi kejuruan yang siap menerima mahasiswa(i) mancanegara.

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Providing a safe environment for international students to study

Japanese language lessons are compulsory in the first and second years of study, to further increase the Japanese language skills required for university education. At the same time, students take classes in liberal arts and specialized fields to prepare them for future employment.
The field of tourism and business management shows growth potential in the lead up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Join us and study in the Faculty of Tourism and Business Management for a future career in hotels, travel companies, and airport related positions.


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Tourism and Business Management

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Dukungan untuk kehidupan mahasiswa

Tuition Reduction Program

Acceptance through the Recommendation Entrance Examination includes an exemption from the admission fee and a first year’s tuition reduction (combined total of 500,000 yen). Acceptance through the General Entrance Examination does not include an exemption from the admissions fee of 300,000 yen. Prospective students are therefore encouraged to sit the Recommendation Entrance Examination, which are offered three times a year.

To be eligible for the Recommendation Entrance Examination, applicants must have an attendance rate of 85% or more and Japanese language ability of N2 or above.


From the second year of study, students with outstanding academic results in the previous academic year are eligible for scholarships of 50,000 yen per month. Students with outstanding academic achievement and attendance rates will be recommended by their teacher for such scholarships.


Students interested in moving close to campus should contact us for information. We can introduce you to reliable agents who can assist with procedures.

A school bus runs between the university and three train stations: Yachiyo-Midorigaoka Station, Shin-Kamagaya Station and Katsutadai Station. This handy service is free for students.

There is a convenience store located on campus, which is perfect for those times when the student cafeteria is crowded or when you want to grab something during a short break.

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