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東洋大学 | Toyo University

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Making our Future Stronger Through the Traditions of Philosophy

The beginnings of Toyo University can be found in the Philosophy Academy, which was established in 1887 by the philosopher Enryo Inoue. In an era where only the elite of society were able to receive an education, his school was a place for the higher education of all people.
Toyo University carries on the traditions of that school, and has opened its doors to the world and is actively taking in international students. Here, international students can find a world-class education that transcends borders and cultures, bringing together like-minded, motivated individuals in a comfortable and supportive learning environment.


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Food Science

【Toyo University】
Former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mr. Mahathir, Visited Toyo University and joined a dialogue meeting with students.

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Faculty information

Learning the scientific knowledge behind food and nutrition

Food is the most basic factor for people to live a healthy life.
Food is the most intimately-related factor for human growth, maintaining health, and the sustainability of life. The Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences addresses topics such as the research being carried out to solve modern Japan's aging population problems, and takes a scientific approach to timely topics such the diet and nutrition of athletes. Starting from the study of life sciences, which explores the basis of life itself, students will comprehensively and scientifically study knowledge surrounding food, such as safety and security, food development, and nutrition.

Department of Food and Life Sciences, Food Science Course
Acquiring the practical knowledge and techniques to approach food from a scientific perspective

This course has been designed with a progressive curriculum so that students unfamiliar with chemistry and biology can approach the content. Students will systematically study the specialized knowledge for sustaining and enhancing food culture such as the functional science of food, nutrition and health sciences, food safety, and food education. Also, there are foundation courses such as Career Design, Basic Life Science courses taught in English and Japanese, and Chinese Food Culture courses taught in Chinese and Japanese. Courses such as these support students' career development and train them to become globally-minded individuals.
Website in Japanese: http://www.toyo.ac.jp/site/dfls-fsc/

Department of Food and Life Sciences, Sports and Food Function Course
Cultivating sports-related dietary technicians

The curriculum features a "step-up" format for students who are studying science and biology for the first time. Core classes such as Career Design, Basic Life Sciences, and Foreign Cultures and Societies provide career development and globally-minded training for students. Students can also cultivate their personal skills through classes such as "Sports Philosophy" and "Bioethics".
Furthermore, students can also take courses such as "Functional Food Science" and "Structure and Function of the Human Body" in addition to specialized courses related to sports such as "Sports and Physiology", "Sports and Nutrition", and "Exercise Physiology Training".
Website in Japanese: http://www.toyo.ac.jp/site/dfls-sffc/

Department of Nutritional and Health Sciences
Aspiring to train highly-specialized dieticians with the future of food and health in mind

Students will take professional core classes closely related to food and health, starting with a base in the latest life sciences and biotechnology studies to gain an understanding of the construction of the human body from a biological perspective as well as the origins of diseases. Lectures and lab work cover topics such as basic nutrition, applied nutrition, nutrition education theory, clinical nutrition, public nutrition, and food supply management theory to provide students with the specialized knowledge of a dietician. Off-campus courses give students opportunities to put their combined knowledge and abilities to practical use to gain real-world skills that they can apply in their future careers in society.
Website in Japanese: http://www.toyo.ac.jp/site/dnsc/

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