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明治学院大学 | Meiji Gakuin University

150 years of experience in educating for the future

Meiji Gakuin University traces its origins to the Hepburn Academy—an English school founded by the American missionary James C. Hepburn in 1863. The University will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2013. Over the course of its long history, its has been highly praised for the quality of its English language education, and its ethos “Do for Others.”
Meiji Gakuin has substantial programs for language education, international exchanges and academic training to support students who want to enter a four-year university program. It has campuses in Tokyo (Shirokane) and Yokohama (Totsuka); both offer students ideal environments for experiencing the appeal of Japan.


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Faculty of Economics

■Meiji Gakuin University carries out a foreign student examination for foreigners.
The details look at the following Web site.
■Only the department of Global and Transcultural Studies,it offers especially application methods.
The details look at the following Web site.

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Thông tin ngành học

Training "Sensible Economists" with a broad, comprehensive view of economics

Opened in 1918, The Faculty of Economics is the second-oldest at Meiji Gakuin University. Students are trained to become well-adjusted, balanced "Sensible Economists" that possess an understanding of economics from several viewpoints, such as that of consumers, manufacturers, international society, and the disadvantaged. The Faculty is comprised of three departments: the Department of Economics, the Department of Business Administration, and the Department of International Business . The primary themes of research in the Faculty are people, money, the flow of goods, and their interconnectivity, and these themes are studied in a wide variety of ways. Efforts have been made to create a flexible curriculum that allows students to approach these diverse, multifaceted themes from different viewpoints and achieve a firm grasp of our fast-paced, ever-changing modern society. Field studies allow students to travel overseas and witness for themselves various kinds of economic activity, and many practical courses such as internships provide hands-on business activity experiences. In principle, all students in the Department of International Business participate in study abroad programs mainly in Europe and Asia for half of a semester in the fall of their second year.

Students can also study business management in English.

Students can also study business management in English.

Research into the marketing and distribution industries is held in a seminar format.

Research into the marketing and distribution industries is held in a seminar format.

A class in session  at the Department of Economics

A class in session at the Department of Economics

Department of Economics
Acquire fundamental ability in economics and cultivate global economic sensibilities to precisely address economic problems facing countries around the world

Students in the Department of Economics will acquire the analytical skills of economics and cultivate essential economic sensibilities for precisely addressing contemporary economic issues. The Department offers many small-size classes and case study research, opportunities to learn IT technologies, and on-site activities such as overseas field studies. These curriculum enhanced course studies. Students can pursue specializations while studying through programs that match their individual needs and career plans. In the Policy Analysis Course , studies emphasize the accumulation of theories and demonstrations and learning leading-edge financial economics. In the Corporate and Institutional Design Course , students learn to think about economics strategically and enhance their career skills through study of the workings of corporate and economic organizations and institutions. In the Global Studies Course , students familiarize themselves with the realities of the global economic environment, and strive to become economists that can take active roles within it.

Department of Business Administration
Learn to independently think and act through balanced studies in business, commercial science, and accounting

In the Department of Business Administration, students strive to become business experts with a deep understanding and consideration of business administration, marketing, and accounting combined with the skills drawn from broad and cross-disciplinary viewpoints within those fields. First-year students learn fundamentals focused on business administration, commercial science, and accounting. From the second year onwards, students acquire their specializations and personal skills through theory-based core classes and practical applied lessons, as well as studies into subjects of the other Departments of International Business and Economics, in a systematic and progressive manner according to each student's needs. In April 2015, the Graduate School of Business and Law will open. Students can cultivate problem-solving skills from perspectives of law and business.

Department of International Business
All students will participate in study abroad in the fall semester of their second year! Cultivating globally-minded individuals who can excel anywhere in the world

The Faculty of Economics' Department of International Business is performing a dynamic international business learning program, with all participants studying abroad in the fall semester of their second year. The study abroad program will provide students with opportunities to strengthen their global communication skills and international experience, traits which are essential for becoming a globally-minded individual. During their study abroad, students will acquire specialized economics and business skills and participate in foreign language training. Study abroad destinations include English-speaking countries like the United States and Canada, and soon programs will also be available in countries in Asia and Europe that are expected to become major business partners with Japan.

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