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Social Sciences

【Waseda University】 The admission for Japanese Language Program

WASEDA Japanese Language Program 2017 Fall admission will be opened soon.

Although it is not related with the degree program, for those who wants to learn the Japanese language before entering the university or for the registered university students, Waseda university offers the Japanese language program for one year or half year.

The admission schedule is :
April 3rd (Mon.), 2017 – April 14th (Fri.), 2017, 23:00 p.m.(Japanese Standard Time)

The program duration is :
One-year September 21, 2017~September 15, 2018
Half-year September 21, 2017~March 15, 2018

For more detail, please visit the Center for Japanese Language.

We look forward to your apply.

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Faculty information

Overview of the School

The School of Social Sciences at Waseda University was established in 1966 as a new endeavor that would allow students to study the social sciences in a comprehensive and interdisciplinary manner. In order to take advantage of this interdisciplinary tradition, and to contribute to growth of the school in the future, we have prepared an unparalleled program that is both comprehensive and specialized. By fostering the ability to accurately grasp and analyze complex societal problems and formulate solutions for them, we seek to nurture large-scale thinkers who can independently construct big-picture schemes for the benefit of society.

Contemporary Japanese Studies Program (English Language Program)

This intensive program prepares students with a thorough understanding of Japanese society, the broad knowledge base required for life in a global age, and the necessary communication skills for working at an international level. The program achieves this by providing students with a comprehensive understanding, shaped by the various disciplines of the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences, as well as the know-how and practical experience that Japan has accumulated up until this point. Students will also explore what the role of the “Japan Model” should be within the international community.

[Program Features]
- This is a new Japanese studies program that utilizes the strengths of the School of Social Sciences, which boasts interdisciplinary and practical research and education policies.

- The program offers a new way to study Japan, based on an interdisciplinary approach around four specialized areas.

- Study in the program imbues students with both specialized and general skills.

- Japanese language study is compulsory for participation in the program, allowing students to acquire language ability while learning about Japan

- Small-sized classes and seminars

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