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武蔵野大学 | Musashino University

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92 Years of History and Tradition

Musashino University, founded in 1924 by the internationally known Buddhist scholar Dr. Junjiro Takakusu, is an institution rich in both history and tradition. With its roots in Buddhist-based human education, Musashino has evolved into a comprehensive university boasting 9 Graduate Programs and 16 Departments within 9 Undergraduate Faculties, including literature, science, medicine and the Faculty of Global Studies, which opened in April 2016.

■University Brand Statement
“Creating Peace & Happiness for the World”
In striving to create peace and happiness for the world Musashino University has restructured its research and education and aspires to become an institution of global acclaim. In order to achieve this goal Musashino University encourages students, faculty members, and all other persons involved in the university to strengthen their sensitivity, their wisdom, and their ability to resonate and create together.

Programs offered in English
School of Global Studies, Department of Global Business

■ Videos introducing the university
Japanese https://youtu.be/gDNXR_79ksg
English https://youtu.be/EmnUeNbLfBI
Chinese https://youtu.be/8-bFFg-vW0A


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Faculty information

Cultivating talented individuals who always look towards coexistence and can share their happiness with others as they lead society into the future.

In the Department of Law students study an ambitious curriculum, with courses focusing on civil law and legislation but also covering constitutional law and other courses over a 4 semester period, garnering the skills to succeed and work in a global firm. Through the study of elections, local government and international politics, and a curriculum that offers students the opportunity to go on exchange, the Department of Political Science aims to foster talented individuals who can succeed on the international stage, working at NGOs and other international organizations.

What makes Masashino University’s Faculty of Law stand out?

 Study business law and become a bridge between Japan and your home country.
In this Faculty students learn the legal knowledge necessary to work in the business field, such as the work behind, and handling of trouble related to, company mergers, acquisitions and patents. They also learn about the sales and purchase of goods, hiring and employment. The Faculty of law aims to nurture personnel with a strong legal mind set who can work in positions in the future that bridge Japan to their home country.

 ‘Externship’ – Practical Training at a Japanese Company
By taking full advantage of the Ariake campus being located so close to a lot of major Japanese firms, students use ‘externships’ to gain hands-on experience at law offices, commerce and finance companies, reporting firms, government agencies and NGOs and NPOs. Externships provide an invaluable experience for students to learn how they can apply the knowledge they have learnt out in the real world.

 Classes given by experts who showcase the latest cases in law and related fields.
The Department of Law holds guidance classes by lawyers and other legal experts, and in the Department of Political Science students attend practical classes given by a faculty rich in experience (including a former prefectural governor), that really explore the nature of Japanese politics.

A class in the Department of Law

A class in the Department of Law

Please master the law and become a legal expert. (Faculty of Law Dean, Professor Masao Ikeda)

Please master the law and become a legal expert. (Faculty of Law Dean, Professor Masao Ikeda)

A 50+ hour Externship. Practical industry-government-academia related experience at companies, government agencies and NPOs/NGOs.

A 50+ hour Externship. Practical industry-government-academia related experience at companies, government agencies and NPOs/NGOs.

Department of Law
Practical courses that focus on civil law but also include corporate law and international law, ensuring students acquire the skills necessary to succeed in the business world.

In the Department of Law students not only study towards taking an exam for an extra qualification, they also acquire a sound base in the foundations of civil law, as well as strong knowledge in corporate law and IT related law. These, coupled with experience on an ‘externship’, help equip students with the business law mindset and social awareness necessary to succeed at working as a bridge between Japan and their home country. This Department aims to hone the communication skills, logical thinking and presentation skills that are necessary in the business world, nurturing students who have the ability to take that first step as global citizens.

 Future Vision
Major companies, financial institutions, leading medium-sized firms, venture companies, trading industry, distribution industry, intellectual properties or IT related entrepreneur etc.

Department of Political Science
Through the study of political affairs and political regimes adopted locally, nationally and around the world, the Department of Political Science produces experts with a perspective that embodies both coexistence and a public spirit.

The Department of Political Science fosters leaders and enforces of peace and order in the local and international communities, who are conscious of their social environment and the necessity to uphold the foundations of our nation and where we live.
The Department offers a wide variety of courses, from the foundation ‘Political Science’ course through to courses related to international politics. Students take advantage of long vacation periods to participate in 50-hour ‘Company Externships’, helping equip them with the skills necessary to apply their knowledge of political science out in the working world.

 Future Vision
Major company, financial institution, leading medium-sized company, venture firm, NGP/NPO, newspaper, journalism and mass-media related firm (political journalist etc.)

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