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法政大学 | Hosei University

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Define yourself and your own future.

Global society is constantly in motion, driven by the various people of the world, who all hold their own cultures and ideas. In order to take one's place in this evolving global society, it is essential to develop new modes of free thinking. Since its founding in 1880 under the principles of "Freedom and Progress", Hosei University has graduated talented individuals who have gone on to promote societal reform in a wide range of fields, as well as contribute achievements in culture and sports. We nurture the talents and skills of our students so that they can excel on the global stage with our numerous fields of study in 15 faculties and over 200 clubs and unique extracurricular activities, all in 3 distinctive campuses located in Tokyo.
Diverse individuals gather here from throughout Japan and around the world.
Everyone has their own opinions and ideas to share.
Perspectives are broadened greatly through new challenges that encourage students to redefine their personal abilities and limits.


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Faculty information

A continuing history and tradition of over 130 years as Japan's oldest private law school

Hosei University's Faculty of Law continues the traditions of "The Tokyo School of Law", Japan's first private law school, which was founded in 1880. In line with the spread of modern law studies that address broad issues such as governmental organization and those of individual human rights and freedoms, graduates of the Faculty of Law have addressed societal issues through legal and political efforts, based on the academic spirit of realizing "Freedom and Progress" in society.
The realization of "Freedom" in society leads to "Progress" among individuals in that society. The goal of the Faculty of Law is to cultivate the fundamental skills for formulating and implementing forward-looking societal systems, laws, policies, and organizations. We invite you to join us as we strive towards nurturing talented individuals who have these abilities to realize our founding ideals in fields both public and private throughout Japan and the world.

Registered international students (by year)

Department of Law

Students in the Department of Law will study the basic principles of constitutional, civil, criminal, commercial, administrative, labor, and international law. Discussions regarding legal issues develop students' understanding of law and their ability to address issues facing modern society.

Department of Political Science

Students in the Department of Political Science will analyze and develop solutions for the mechanisms and structures that create various political issues and problems. This includes issues that face governments and local municipalities, urban and suburban development, and the participation of civil society in government.

Department of Global Politics

Students in the Department of Global Politics will develop the ability to use English to consider and discuss issues such as globalization and international relations with Asian governments. They will grow into skilled individuals who can participate in international society and contribute towards building a more harmonious global society.

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