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To Foreign Students Considering Studying in Tokyo University of Social Welfare. JAPAN STUDY SUPPORT is a website jointly operated by The Asian Students Cultural Association and Benesse Corporation. It provides information about studying in Japan.
The website also provides detailed information about Tokyo University of Social Welfare and its faculties of Social Welfare, Education, Psychology, and Japanese Language Program. Take full advantage of the site to learn everything you would like to know about Tokyo University of Social Welfare.
In addition, information for about 1,300 universities, graduate schools, two-year colleges, and vocational schools that accept foreign students is also posted.

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東京福祉大学 | Tokyo University of Social Welfare

Getting a degree will help you realize your dream of being rich!

The Tokyo University of Social Welfare offers an array of programs, from a Japanese Language Program for students wanting to study Japanese, undergraduate and graduate courses and a program designed specifically for international students. We hope to see a lot of international students enrolling at the Tokyo University of Social Welfare, to study not only in their chosen field but also to learn the Japanese language and culture in preparation for succeeding in various fields both in Japan and in their home countries.


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Student life support

Accommodations are available from the day you arrive in Japan

At the Nagoya Campus, we prepare rooms for international students in locations convenient for commuting. You can start your life as an international student without worry, as you can move in to your room the day you come to Japan, and amenities like bedding, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, and a gas stove are provided by the university.

"Ikimono-gakari" Promotion Project
The "Ikimono-gakari" promotion project was started as a way to learn about the importance and value of life, as well as the pleasure and difficulty inherent in caring for living things. "Ikimono-gakari" means "Someone who cares for living things", and participants raise and care for small animals on campus prior to assuming roles as caregivers and teachers in the field. We hope that through this project students can come to appreciate animals more and grow into caregivers and teachers that can share the wonder of life with children.

Various clubs
Various clubs have been active. As athletic types, there are baseball, football, volleyball, dance clubs and others. For liberal arts, musical band, sign language, volunteers for children with Down’s syndrome and other clubs.

University Festival
“Kirara-sai” (Festival of Brightness) is the university festival with beauty contests, music performances by students, and stalls for clubs in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.
The festival is held on both Ikebukuro and Isesaki campuses.

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