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Faculty information

Aiming to create an advanced intelligent society that is friendly to people and the environment.

The faculty of system design is composed with five courses, human mechatronics systems, information and communications systems engineering, aerospace engineering, and management systems engineering and industrial art. While human mechatronics systems, information and communications systems engineering, aerospace engineering and management systems engineering are the courses that mainly deal with functional aspects of design, the industrial art course mainly deals with sensitivity aspects of design. The aim of this faculty is to nurture system designers who take active roles with scientific knowledge and artistic sensitivity.

Robotics Contest

Robotics Contest

Robotics Contest

Robotics Contest

Industrial Art Program Pieces

Industrial Art Program Pieces

Division of Intelligent Mechanical Systems
Aiming for development of technologies in symbiotic relation with people in order to bring happiness to society.

In this division, students study the design of systems interdisciplinarily through a wide range of lectures, specialized experiments, and design practices from the aspects of Mechatronics, Bioengineering, Measurement Engineering, Design Engineering, and Nano-technologies to solve various complicated real world problems. The division is composed of the three fields of Control and Robotics, Human and System Engineering, and Material, Process and Measurement.

Division of Information and Communication Systems
Developing the real strength for the creation of new technologies that is suitable for a knowledge-based society.

In this division, students gain a well-balanced education in two types of technologies: basic technology related to the information systems and communications systems that support our highly networked information society; and basic technology for a diverse range of the information and communications applications that support our daily lives and industrial activity. The goal of the division is to foster engineers capable of working toward safer, more comfortable urban living environments. In addition, we also aim to cultivate individuals who can lead the way in creating new technology in the field of information systems and communications, which is undergoing constant change

Division of Aerospace Engineering
Opening the doors to aerospace with innovative knowledge, skills plus the future-oriented adventurous spirit.

In this division, students are expected to learn basic concepts and systems engineering for designing and developing aircraft and spacecraft as well as to study the related cutting-edge-technologies such as space communications technology and remote sensing technology. The education program includes a variety of laboratory experiments using substantial experimental facilities such as subsonic and supersonic wind tunnels and space chambers.

Division of Management Systems Engineering
The engineering perspectives are used to aim for the proposition of a system that can cause a massive change in management.

In this division, students study the fields of management engineering, ergonomics, and social systems engineering. Through this integrated learning, students will appreciate the human and social mechanisms that are active in manufacturing, they will develop the ability to build management systems, and they will improve on their capacity to contribute to system design from a comprehensive approach that takes into consideration the qualities of humans and urban societies.

Division of Industrial Art
Art --- the driving force for the innovations building a new era.

The Division of Industrial Art has two specialized core fields: product design, media art, and art and design systems. The goal of the division is to nurture human resources who can reorganize various industries and activities from an artistic perspective and who can produce new cultural creative activities. The division also has substantial hands-on programs for students to refine their artistic sensitivity.

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