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To Foreign Students Considering Studying in Tokyo International University. JAPAN STUDY SUPPORT is a website jointly operated by The Asian Students Cultural Association and Benesse Corporation. It provides information about studying in Japan.
The website also provides detailed information about Tokyo International University and its faculties of TIU E-Track, Business and Commerce, Economics, International Relations, Human and Social Sciences, and Language Communication. Take full advantage of the site to learn everything you would like to know about Tokyo International University.
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東京国際大学 | Tokyo International University

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Business Economics & International Relations English Track

Tokyo International University was founded as a small business college in 1965. Upon earning accreditation from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the college has grown into a private university that now encompasses five schools (the School of Business and Commerce, Economics, Language Communication, International Relations, and Human and Social Sciences) and four graduate schools (the Graduate School of Business and Commerce, Economics, International Relations, and Clinical Psychology). Staying consistently true to its educational philosophy of “nurturing truly international-minded people,” TIU has expanded practice-oriented international education. The University boasts a highly international learning environment: of TIU’s approximately 6,200 students, more than 900 are from over 50 countries outside Japan. The E-Track Program, which began in 2014, focuses on providing international students and others with the opportunity to obtain a degree in an English-medium curriculum. We invite you to surround yourself with a diverse mix of value systems and develop the abilities it takes to flourish on the global stage.


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TIU E-Track

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// Tokyo International University //
Applications for the E-Track Program’s 2017 Fall intake at Tokyo International University are coming soon!

Application Period: April 7 – April 21, 2017
For all applicants both residing in and outside Japan.
Please read the Application Guideline carefully before you apply.

Application Guideline: http://www.tiu.ac.jp/english/etrack/asset/docs/Application_Guideline_2017_1.pdf
Online application: https://tiu.applyjapan.com/

If you have any questions regarding the application process or Tokyo International University, we would be more than happy to assist you !

e-mail: etrack@tiu.ac.jp
TEL: +81-3-3362-9644

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Faculty information

English Track Degree Program

TIU E-Track is an English-based degree seeking program that offers two majors: "Business Economics" and "International Relations." In this program, students are able to earn all the credits in English while learning practical Japanese language, and get a Bachelor of Arts degree in four years.

Spring and Fall Enrollment System

There are two intakes per year. Applicants can choose and apply for enrollment either in early April or September.

Study Abroad Program

TIU provides a wide range of Study Abroad Programs, including the four-month American Studies Program(ASP) in cooperation with Willamette University in Oregon, one- or two-year Long Term Study Abroad Programs and ISEP Study Abroad Programs. We have the right kind of study abroad program for any student.

Learning Practical Japanese

Students joining the E-Track Program from Spring 2017 and onward will be required to take 16 credits of Japanese Language Courses for graduation. Fluency in Japanese is a must when seeking employment in Japan, and it is highly beneficial for employment at Japanese companies outside of Japan. Credits earned in Japanese language courses count towards elective courses.

Business Economics Major
A Well-Rounded Education in Economics and Business

The Business Economics Major focuses on developing skills in theoretical and empirical analysis of Economics as well as how to apply them to analyze practical aspects of business. These features provide students with fundamental knowledge and skills of economic analysis and strategic way of thinking critical to success in the real world.

International Relations Major
Empower your Global Perspective

The International Relations Major explores international cooperation and conflict, poverty and development, the nature and causes of war as well as other international issues. Students will develop the ability to grasp the causes of problems and explore their solutions, which are essential components for taking a leadership role in this global era.

Japan Studies Program (Non Degree)
Intensive Japanese and Japan-focused Courses in English

The Japan Studies Program (JSP) is a study abroad program for those currently enrolled at universities abroad and who would like to study at TIU for one or two semesters. The main purpose of the program is to acquire communicative competence in Japanese. The JSP also features four-credit elective courses which focus on themes like Japanese Society, History and Politics in English.

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