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2021/10/11 Ryukoku University 學校新聞

From Tuesday, September 21st, Ryukoku University has been implementing the OiTr service. This service provides sanitary pads free of charge via dispensers in individual toilet stalls. Each dispenser has a monitor that plays advertising videos, the revenue of which is used to provide free sanitary pads. The service was started in a few of the restrooms around campus but we hope to have dispensers installed in 700 toilets on campus before the end of March, 2022, making us the first university in the Kansai area to offer this service to students.
Ryukoku is working with OiTr, Inc., supporting the installation of dispensers at schools and other public facilities near the campus, as well as developing educational contents related to women’s menstrual cycles etc. Our aim is to also introduce the OiTr service into male restrooms, helping move closer to a society in which ‘NO-ONE is Left Behind’.

For more details and information on how to use this service please see the following article:

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