Ryukoku University 新デザインのスクールバスが誕生しました。一際目... | 新聞 | 留學信息網站JPSS | 2021/07/12 update

Ryukoku University 新デザインのスクールバスが誕生しました。一際目... | 新聞 ...


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2021/07/12 Ryukoku University 學校新聞

Newly designed school bus has been born.
The newly designed bus was unveiled in the center of Fukakusa Campus on Friday, July 2.
The new bus is equipped with an elevator, which allows wheelchair users to get on and off the bus.
International students can also ride the school bus used to move around the campus!

Would you like to ride on a stylish school bus?
Let's study abroad at Ryukoku University!

The motto "LessMeMoreWe" written on the bus is an expression that reminds us of "self-reflection and altruism," which is our university's philosophy of action.

Bus tour for cute ducks
A cute visitor came to see our newly designed bus during lunch time.
The rain has stopped, so please take your time to look around.

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