Fukuoka University 福岡大学留学生別科に関するオンライン留学説明会... | 新聞 | 留學信息網站JPSS | 2021/06/16 update

Fukuoka University 福岡大学留学生別科に関するオンライン留学説明会... | 新聞 ...


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2021/06/16 Fukuoka University 學校新聞

Our school will hold a study abroad online information session.
Please join us if you are interested in studying in Japan.

Date: July, 3rd (Sat.) 2021 - Start at 4:00 p.m. (JST), (About 1 hour).
  ※Be aware of the time difference.

・You may participate in the session with your PC/smart-phone connecting to the internet.
・We’ll provide the information about scholarship and further study after completing our course.
・You can consult with our teacher about the lectures of SJLC or anything about Fukuoka University.

For more details on how to participate, please check the below Facebook pages.

We are looking forward to your participations.

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