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2021/03/09 Ryukoku University 學校新聞

Hello Everyone!

We have some very exciting news!
On March the 8th, one of our lecturers for the JEP (Japanese Experience Program in Kyoto), Misato Morita, released a book titled ‘フランス語の話しことばにおける舌打ち音の研究’ (Furansugo no hanashikotoba ni okeru shitauchi-on no kenkyu – The study of tongue clicking in the French spoken language).

Dr. Misato Morita, who has a PhD from the University of Orléans in France, is a highly popular lecturer for our JEP course.

We received the following comment from Dr. Morita.

“The theme of the book is the slightly strange tongue clicking sounds made in the French spoken language. The research was made possible because I work in the Japanese language field and have been able to interact with international students. After 8 years of research, I am very excited that I have finally been able to publish my findings. While it is essentially an academic publication about the French language, I think any students thinking of going to France to study, and even native French speakers themselves, would find it useful. I hope you’ll find the time to read it.

To students thinking about studying at Ryukoku University

Ryukoku University’s JCLP (Japanese Culture & Language Program) and JEP programs not only give you the opportunity to learn Japanese, but also provide an environment in which you can learn hands-on about the rich history and culture of Kyoto. Visiting Kyoto as a tourist and living there as an exchange student are two completely different experiences. There is so much more you can learn and discover by actually living there. What you learn and the people you meet will no doubt become a precious part of your life. I look forward to meeting you on campus soon!”

Come and enjoy student life at Ryukoku University!
Veuillez venir à l'Université Ryukoku
For more details about the book please visit the following link.

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