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  • 入学考试资料
邮政编码 606-8501
咨询地址 Yoshida-Honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
咨询部门 Academic Affairs Section, School of Economics
电话号码 075-753-3406
传真号码 075-753-3492
留学生特别考试 有留学生特别考试
招生人数 若干名 (2018年度)
报名费 17,000 日元 (2018年度)
入学金 282,000 日元 (2018年度)
教育费/年 535,800 日元 (2018年度)
交纳金的延迟/退还申请 不可
备注 The amounts of tuition fee and admission fee are subject to change .
学科 Economics and Management
申请资料发布时期 7月中旬
大学单独考试的历年考题 在网上公开
入学年月(春期) 2018年4月入学
申请类别 外国留学生特别考试
申请时期的开始日期 2018年1月4日
申请时期的结束日期 2018年1月10日 (必到)
考试日期 2018年2月25日 , 2017年2月26日
合格公布日期 2018年3月9日
大学单独考试的科目 日语、资料审查、小论文、面试
日本留学考试-指定科目 日语、综合科目、数学1或数学2
日本留学考试-出题语言 日语、英语皆可
日本留学考试-参照考试 2017年6月月以后的考试
英语考试 采用TOEFL
备注 International students will be eligible for the admission if they meet all of the following application qualification:

a)Those who has completed a 12-year of study in a foreign country, or has been certified by the faculty to have ability comparable to it or above.

b)Those who hold "College Student" visa or those who will be able to change their resident status to it after entrance.

c)Those who took EJU (the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students) administered in 2017 and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) administered in Sep. 2017 to Nov. 2017 (Occasion of privately financed international students)

For a) shown above, please note that screening process before application will be held. In that case, applicants must submit the necessary documents with the designated form during 30th (Monday) of October to 17:00 of 2nd (Thursday) of November 2017 by mail before applying. If you send us your application documents directly without this process, your application will not be accepted.

Application documents and application guidelines are sent by mail by your request.

For details, please give us a call at 075-753-3406 (Educational Affairs Section, School of Economics).

最后更新日期: 2017年07月20日