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Dành cho các bạn đang có dự định du học trường Chukyo University. JAPAN STUDY SUPPORT là trang thông tin về du học Nhật Bản dành cho du học sinh nước ngoài, được đồng vận hành bởi Hiệp hội Asia Gakusei Bunka và Công ty cổ phần Benesse Corporation. Trang này đăng các thông tin Ngành ManagementhoặcNgành Global Studies (Global Liberal Studies)hoặcNgành PsychologyhoặcNgành Contemporary SociologyhoặcNgành LawhoặcNgành EconomicshoặcNgành Policy StudieshoặcNgành EngineeringhoặcNgành Health and Sport Science của Chukyo University cũng như thông tin chi tiết về từng ngành học, nên nếu bạn đang tìm hiểu thông tin du học liên quan tới Chukyo University thì hãy sử dụng trang web này.Ngoài ra còn có cả thông tin của khoảng 1.300 trường đại học, cao học, trường đại học ngắn hạn, trường chuyên môn đang tiếp nhận du học sinh.

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Global Studies (Global Liberal Studies)

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Global Liberal Studies (GLS) Started April 2020!

Global Liberal Studies (GLS) is an interdisciplinary major that helps students acquire the broad skills and knowledge of the social sciences and humanities needed to become independent thinkers, lifelong learners, and responsible global citizens in a rapidly changing world. The major is fully English-medium instruction (EMI), in which all classes are content-based and taught by professors from various academic fields within the humanities and social sciences. Thus students must already have English as their first or second language as a foundation for successful study in the program.

GLS major focuses on developing a well-rounded awareness and mastery of the great works, thinkers, and intellectual traditions that have helped to shape the globalized world we live in today. Students can choose from a wide range of classes offered in English from the different concentrations within the School of Global Studies (国際学部) in order to develop a holistic knowledge of the world's cultures, philosophies, politics, societies, and religions through different historical periods.

GLS promotes small seminar-size classes in which students will have ample time for discussion and writing. In addition, we promote an active experiential approach to learning, in which students must visit actual sites (museums, theatres, historical landmarks) related to their study, and participate in internships or volunteer work in order to deepen their understanding and gain practical problem-solving abilities which will be useful in their future careers.

The School of Global Studies offers a World Language Program whereby the GLS students earn 40 or more credits for the Japanese language education. Our program is designed for students who have never learned the Japanese language or are at a beginner's level to understand the Japanese linguistic structures and learn useful daily expressions and basic phrases step by step. By the time they graduate, they will be able to comprehend short articles written for native Japanese speakers and to communicate orally according to various situations and types of people. Specifically, the goal is to reach Level N2 or Nl in the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test. The students who have passed Level Nl in the Japanese­Language Proficiency Test are eligible to take 「College-level Japanese Language I A-IVB」. 「Japanese Language I A - II D」. 「Japanese Affairs I A -IDB」or「Business Japanese I·II」. These courses are originally designed for international students other than the GLS students.

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