Tìm nơi du học từ Trường chuyên môn | Website về thông tin du học JPSS

Tìm nơi du học từ Trường chuyên môn | Website về thông tin du học JPSS

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Tokyo Visual Art

Our school is an integrated institution that you can master all aspects of the creative & entertainment industry.

We aim at making you a professional of your favorite industry. We have all the facilities, equipment and excellent lecturers to unseal your potential ability to its maximum. Please enjoy, learn a...
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Tokyo Visual Art Danh sách các ngành học

Tokyo School of Business

We are the strongest business school for you to secure employment in Japan.

We polish up students' language ability and business skills necessary for finding employment in each field. With our strong support, students can easily find employment in Japan or in the Jap...
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Tokyo School of Business Danh sách các ngành học

Tokyo Institute of Tourism

We are an integrated school covering all fields of sightseeing services the tourism industry.

Our school, with a history of 43 years, aims at producing professionals such as interpreters and cafe or hotel staffs who will be internationally active in the tourism service industry.
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Tokyo Institute of Tourism Danh sách các ngành học

Tokyo Designer Gakuin College

Study design in Japan! We adopt the most trendy courses in the industries and the majors directly linked to the occupational categories, ...

Besides providing abundant selections of classes and extracurricular events, we are equipped with the same latest professional facilities etc. Here is an ideal environment that links your talent to...
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Tokyo Designer Gakuin College Danh sách các ngành học

Kawahara Computer Business College

1. 100% support to help you on the road to realizing your dreams! 2. Learning Japanese culture in a town rich in literature, castles and ...

We are totally committed to helping students become strong communicators and master the four skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) necessary to achieve their final goal. The Kawahara Co...
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Kawahara Computer Business College Danh sách các ngành học

Koriyama Joho Business Collge

JO-BI surely connects you to the special school society that connects "Work (JOB)" and "[Watashi] (i)".

What are your "Work that does" and "Myself who wants to become it"?Because it is JO-BI, it is necessary to be able to do. Make it only to JO-BI. JO-BI that receives year 27 in t...
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Koriyama Joho Business Collge Danh sách các ngành học

International Art & Design College

Your imagination creates the world.

Sensibility education NO1・Only1.It guides it to the professional according to the first class lecturer. The specialist that becomes the nucleus of social activation in the art, the design, [enta...
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International Art & Design College Danh sách các ngành học

International Beauty & Fashon College

We develope attractive learning style linking beauty between fashion.

BF is a professional school in 'Koriyama City' where is a center city of Fukushima.We aspire to become a professional that can propose not only fashion ,not only beauty but also the total...
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International Beauty & Fashon College Danh sách các ngành học

International Medical Technology College

Alive is supported by the mind of affection.

We develop medical specialists who not only have top-level skills and knowledge, but also believe in the concept of caring for others from the bottom of their hearts.
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International Medical Technology College Danh sách các ngành học

Anabuki Business College Japanese Courses

Reach your Goals - Be a Pro

Our approach to Japanese education focuses on balanced training in reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills while also learning about Japanese culture, society, and daily living.
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Anabuki Business College Japanese Courses Danh sách các ngành học

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