Ryukoku University 龍谷大学は、任意団体「work with Pride」が実施す... | Berita | JPSS, Website informasi belajar di Jepang | 2021/12/07 update

Ryukoku University 龍谷大学は、任意団体「work with Pride」が実施す... | Beri...

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2021/12/07 Ryukoku University Berita sekolah

Ryukoku University received a silver award in the ‘PRIDE Index 2021’, an index that evaluates how companies and organizations work towards equality for sexual minorities such as LGBT. The index is carried out by the nonprofit organization ‘work with Pride’ (wwP).

The PRIDE index is used as a guideline for recognizing internal measures that create LGBT-friendly workplaces. Through publicizing the best practices by companies the index helps support inclusiveness for LGBT and raise awareness within our society about what measures can be taken to assimilate social awareness towards LGBT and other sexual minorities.

With the goal of receiving acknowledgement for the various measures implemented by the university, Ryukoku has been supporting the PRIDE index since 2018. After being recognized with a ‘GOLD’ status in 2018, the university has since received ‘SILVER’ status for the last three years. We pledge to continue to work towards a campus and society that recognizes the diversity of sexuality and nurtures an inclusive, LGBT-friendly environment.

We are all different, we are all wonderful.
We hope to see you at Ryukoku University.

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