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Ryukoku University 龍谷エクステンションセンター(以下、REC)は龍谷... | Beri...

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2021/10/22 Ryukoku University Berita sekolah

The Ryukoku Extension Center (hereinafter REC) was established in Shiga in 1991. The center focuses on extension activities that, alongside educational research, are an important part of the university’s mission. Over the past thirty years REC has organized activities to disseminate the research and knowledge realized at the university to the community, It has also worked with locals, local resources and community-related issues, conducted research and transmitted the results back to the community.

The ‘REC 30th Anniversary Symposium’ is being held under the theme of ‘Buddhist SDGs – What Ryukoku University can do in the quest for creating a sustainable society’. Following a keynote lecture by Vice Minister of the Ministry of the Environment, Tokutaro NAKAI, and special lectures by Ryukoku University President, Takashi IRISAWA, and REC Head, Mutsumi KIMURA, there will be a panel discussion joined by Shiga Governor, Taizo MIKAZUKI and the Mayor of Otsu City, Kenji SATO. The discussion will be moderated by Executive Assistant to the President, Masataka FUKAO.

Representatives from two venture companies (that were both formed by Ryukoku university students) will also be giving case reports. These companies are Re-Social, a company that specializes in the hunting, processing and selling of game meat, and Kawaneko, a company that deals in the shoe-shining and repairing of leather shoes.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all those who have supported the REC projects to date, and given us the chance to discuss and think about what the university, and society as a whole, needs to do in order to achieve a sustainable society.

1. Date: Sunday, November 7th 13:00 – 16:45

2. Platform: Live online lecture via youtube.

3. Topics:

1) Keynote Lecture:Tokutaro NAKAI, Vice Minister, Ministry of the Environment
‘Towards the Building of a Sustainable Society’
In order to overcome the two global crises: COVID-19 and climate change, it is paramount that we work towards creating a sustainable society. The Ministry of the Environment’s goal is to use the ‘3 Transitions’ toward decarbonization, circular economy, and decentralization to redesign our economy and society. The Ministry is promoting the creation of the Regional CES (Circular and Ecological Sphere) as the cornerstone to achieving this goal.

2) Special Lecture: Takashi IRISAWA, Ryukoku University President
‘Regional Environment and Buddhism’
All human agency, and that of all ‘living things (sentient beings)’, both occurs within and depends upon the global environment. Unfortunately human behavior currently poses a huge threat to the global environment. With its strict teachings into human existence, Buddhism can help us find clues and think about the environmental problems facing our time.

3) Special Lecture: Mutsumi KIMURA, Ryukoku University REC Center Head
‘Extension Activities Thus Far & Moving Forward’

4) Case Reports (Venture Companies Working Towards Resolving Problems in our Society)
1. RE-SOCIAL: Representative – Daiki KASAI
Founded in November, 2019 – Hunting, processing and selling of game meat
Three seminar students in their 4th year of study at Ryukoku University’s Faculty of Policy Science, founded RE-SOCIAL after going to northern Kyoto and seeing first-hand how cities were dealing with the damage being made by wildlife.
2. Kawaneko (the cat with leather shoes): Representative – Kota UOMI
Founded in March, 2017 – Shoe shining service, research and lectures on leather shoes
Three 4th year students who worked together at the university’s Café JURIN established the company because they thought students should challenge themselves more. They had previously been working in the restaurant and food industry, growing alongside other students and young people with disabilities.

5) Panel Discussion
‘Buddhism SDGs & Sanpo-yoshi* - How the university and region can grow sustainably’ (sanpo-yoshi is a Japanese term that refers to the idea that business must benefit all people: the sellers, buyers and the local community)
What do Ryukoku University and the local region need to do to make a sustainable society a reality? This panel discussion will give thought to the 30 years of Ryukoku’s REC extension activities, and discuss issues such as Buddhism SDGs and the relationship between the region and university, creating new values for the university and how these will connect with the region, how society will change after corona, and how we can make a carbon neutral society.

Tokutaro NAKAI Vice-Minister, Ministry of the Environment
Taizo MIKAZUKI Governor, Shiga Prefecture
Kenji SATO Mayor, Otsu City
Takashi IRISAWA President, Ryukoku University
Mutsumi KIMURA Head, Ryukoku University REC Center

Moderator Executive Assistant to the President, Masataka FUKAO

4. How to Apply: Participation is FREE. Please sign up via the following site.
The registration deadline is Wednesday, November 3rd.

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