Ryukoku University 「夕照(せきしょう)コンサート」は、本学の瀬田... | Berita | JPSS, Website informasi belajar di Jepang | 2021/10/13 update

Ryukoku University 「夕照(せきしょう)コンサート」は、本学の瀬田... | Berit...

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2021/10/13 Ryukoku University Berita sekolah

The ‘Sekisho Concert’, a joint concert held by Ryukoku University’s own symphonic band and local brass bands and wind ensembles from Junior and Senior High Schools, aims to enrich exchange between Ryukoku and the local community. It was named the ‘Sekisho (Evening) Concert’ when the university’s Seta campus was built. The name comes from Seta no Sekisho, one of the Eight Views of Omi – traditional scenic views of the Omi area, now Shiga Prefecture.
We planned to hold the concert as in years prior, but due to the spread of Covid-19 it was postponed and will now be held online only. While people cannot attend the concert in person we still hope you will join us online to enjoy a selection of wonderful, energizing music.

Saturday, October 16th, 2021

The concert will begin at 15:00 JST (Japan Standard Time)
(Streaming will begin at 14:45)

Live Streaming

Participating Bands Groups
Ishiyama High School Brass Band
Kusatsu Higashi High School Brass Band
Tamagawa High School Wind Ensemble
Ryukoku University Symphonic Band
Ryukoku University SPIRITS, Sports Cheer Team
Ryukoku University Broadcasting

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