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Ryukoku University ●「龍谷大学RECオンライン講座」を開催 全6講座●... | Berit...

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2021/02/03 Ryukoku University Berita sekolah

●Ryukoku University’s REC Online Courses (6 Lectures)●
New lectures have been added to Ryukoku University’s previously listed REC Online Courses. You can view these lectures for free as many times as you want during the stated period. We hope you will take advantage of these courses!

On Ryukoku University’s Homecome Day (Sunday, November 8th) an online lecture was streamed live to discuss each faculty’s perspective on the common topic of ‘thinking about the Covid-19 era.’

This time, with the help of the alumni committee, courses for 6 faculties will be available on demand via the REC Online Courses. A lecture by the Faculty of Sociology’s Professor Lee, who is familiar with different types of media and news programs, will also be made available. We hope that you will take full advantage of these courses to assist you with your studies during this very difficult time.

Date: Thursday, February 4th – Wednesday, February 10th
Title: ‘Humanities Facing Covid-19’
By: Professors ANDO Toru and ECHIZENYA Hiroshi, Faculty of Letters

Date: Wednesday, February 10th – Wednesday, February 17th
Title: ‘The Covid-19 Era from a Faculty of Business Administration Perspective’
-Education, Business Administration, Research –
By: Professor KATO Masahiro, Faculty of Business Administration

Date: Thursday, February 18th – Wednesday, February 24th
Title: ‘Policy Thinking to Survive in an Era of Change’
By: Professor TADATOMO Keishi, Faculty of Policy Science

Date: Thursday, February 25th – Wednesday, March 3rd
Title: ‘Thinking about the Post-Covid-19 New Normal with graduates – from a global perspective’
By: Professor SAITO Fumihiko, Faculty of International Studies & NODA Sayo, a 2003 Ryukoku Graduate

Date: Thursday, March 4th – Wednesday, March 10th
Title: ‘The World and the Korean Peninsula Post Covid-19 – What should Japan do?’
By: Professor LEE Sotetsu, Faculty of Sociology

Date: Thursday, March 11th – Wednesday, March 17th
Title: ‘The Role of Social Welfare During the Covid-19 Pandemic’
By: Professor SAKAGUCHI Haruhiko, Department of Social Welfare, Junior College

• All lectures will be available on demand. There is no limit to how many times you can watch a lecture during the dates mentioned above. Lectures can be viewed on any smart phone, computer or tablet connected to the internet. (We recommend viewing lectures somewhere with a strong WiFi connection.)

• Registration: Please sign-up for lectures at the following site.
You may sign-up any time before the last day of viewing for that particular lecture.

• Participation Fee: FREE

• Participation Numbers: 70 per lecture – first-in-first-serve basis (although numbers can be increased if demand arises)

• Contact: Please direct any queries to REC Shiga Email: rec-l@ad.ryukoku.ac.jp

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