Ryukoku University 「留学生別科入学試験選考結果を先日郵送しました... | Berita | JPSS, Website informasi belajar di Jepang | 2020/11/12 update

Ryukoku University 「留学生別科入学試験選考結果を先日郵送しました... | Berit...

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2020/11/12 Ryukoku University Berita sekolah

Japanese Culture and Language Program Results SENT!!!

The admissions results for the Japanese Culture and Language Program starting in April 2021, have been posted out to applicants.
Please note that the university will not respond to inquiries regarding these results (by phone or email).

Successful applicants must complete required admissions procedures by Thursday, November 19th, 2020.

Thank you for the large number of applications we received.

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