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Industrial Technology

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Informasi program jurusan penelitian

[Elevate] Elevating oneself through participation in academic conferences and by publishing research

The studies of graduate school students are not limited to their research activities carried out on campus. Their knowledge and experience is bolstered by participation in academic conferences around the globe and through publishing their research. Every year, the Graduate School of Industrial Technology holds an Academic Lecture Conference featuring faculty members and researchers from other institutions. Students that make notable presentations are given Excellent Student Presentation Awards.
Students also participate in international conferences held around the world, with many of them reporting on their own research results. In 2014, at an international conference sponsored by the IEEE held in Hangzhou, China, 2 students were selected to present their papers. Students also participated in the Robotics and Mechatronics Conference 2014 in Toyama, where they made poster presentations.

[Refine] Experiencing the real world out in the field and refining global skills through practical work

(Special Training in Industrial Engineering)
The Graduate School of Industrial Engineering holds special training in industrial engineering in cooperation with companies, government agencies, and public institutions. The purpose of this training is for students to acquire the skills to plan and execute their own research and development through internship programs held in Japan and around the world. In recent years, students have taken internships with Honda R&D, the University of Electro-Communications, Fujitsu Semiconductor, Suzuki Motor Corporation, and others.
Furthermore, in order to advance the training of globally-minded human resources, students have also participated in training at the China University of Technology in Taipei, Taiwan. Participants from the Course in Mathematical Information Engineering studied topics such as motion capture technology, and participants from the Course in Architectural Engineering studied Taiwan's historical architecture through lectures and fieldwork. In addition, students are actively involved in presenting their research at international academic conferences and taking short-term overseas research positions.
Going forward, even more emphasis will be places on training human resources capable of carrying our research and development on the global stage.

[Cultivate] Broadening approaches and perspectives and cultivating problem-solving skills.

(Special Seminars in Industrial Engineering)
Special seminars in industrial engineering are notable in that teams of students drawn from different academic backgrounds are brought together and supervised by multiple faculty who are also drawn from different fields. The joint research carried out in such groups of individuals with different perspectives and ways of thinking results in continually-new trial-and-error experiences. By taking on different roles and responsibilities within the team, participants develop communication skills, process management skills, presentation skills, and other practical skills for executing their tasks.

Informasi mahasiswa asing terdaftar (Tahun fiskal)

Course in Mechanical Engineering

In order to cultivate experts in mechanical engineering, a field rapidly advancing through the integration of technologies from other fields, the Course in Mechanical Engineering brings together specialized research guidance and interdisciplinary education. The course focuses on the cultivation of high-level engineers and researchers with the flexible and innovative imagination, creativity, and collaboration skills for responding to dramatic developments in scientific technologies.

Course in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The Course in Electrical and Electronic Engineering cultivates engineers and researchers equipped with wide-ranging and in-depth academic perspectives for pursuing studies in electrical, electronic, and information communication engineering that they can use to contribute to new fields of technology through logical and creative approaches.

Course in Civil Engineering

Students that take the Course in Civil Engineering study advanced, specialized topics in civil engineering technology, such as how to preserve the Earth's environments and ecosystems, and how to provide safe and secure regional societies and urban lifestyles. Then, through research activities with personal guidance from faculty, these academic concepts will be applied towards cultivating engineers that can take the lead in challenging technological issues facing companies and other institutions and towards developing human resources who can act as independent researchers with global perspectives.

Course in Architectural Engineering

A curriculum of advanced fundamentals and general studies rooted in a philosophy of practical education related to architectural engineering is provided to students in the Course in Architectural Engineering so that they can acquire high-level, comprehensive skills and advanced, practical, specialized knowledge through research in the various fields of architecture. In this way, they are cultivated into architectural engineers and designers that can meet the needs of society.

Course in Applied Molecular Chemistry

Students that take the Course in Applied Molecular Chemistry will systematically acquire specialized knowledge in chemistry and gain an understanding of the physicochemical properties and chemical reactions of substances based on molecular theory. They will be cultivated into researchers and engineers that will work on creating functional materials and developing chemical processes and measurement systems based on green chemistry practices. Furthermore, students will cultivate the social and global skills necessary to excel in industries as advanced chemical engineers that can actively work towards solving the various problems of chemistry and related fields.

Course in Industrial Engineering and Management

Students that take the Course in Industrial Engineering and Management will research methods for effectively producing and supplying high-quality products and services and receive training in holistic management techniques encompassing development, production, distribution, and disposal. Beyond quality and production management, students will also learn skills for optimizing and acquiring information related to processes of decision-making within organizations. Students will research and study techniques for the optimal management of companies, organizations, social systems, global environments, and other human-related systems. They will cultivate the skills to become engineers equipped with management skills for responding to the needs of our ever-changing industrial society.

Course in Mathematical Information Engineering

Through advanced studies and research in mathematical information engineering as it applies to our information age, students in this course will learn to elucidate the mysteries of mathematical structures common to various problems as well as the mathematical methods and applications of information engineering for solving those problems. This will cultivate engineers and academics equipped with new types of practical skills for working with highly-advanced systems in various fields related to production in our information-based society.

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