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Asia Pacific Studies

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Faculty information

APS Mission

The College of Asia Pacific Studies is grounded in an integrated understanding of the politics, economics, societies, cultures, and other dimensions of the Asia Pacific region. Students develop both fundamental and specialized knowledge about international society, environment and development, and tourism, enhance their language proficiency, communication skills, and capacity to solve problems, and learn to comprehend the diverse range of problems confronting the Asia Pacific. The ultimate aim of the College is to produce individuals capable of contributing to sustainable development and mutual coexistence within the region.

Message from the Dean

The College of Asia Pacific Studies (APS) is a learning community that encourages students to gain valuable knowledge and critical thinking skills to challenge the status quo in order to find innovative solutions to our world’s issues. APS pushes students to go beyond conventional thinking and communicate with openness and curiosity in order to expand one another’s knowledge, skills, and life experiences. This approach connects academic learning with practical problem solving to meet the emerging challenges of the Asia Pacific region.
On APU’s multicultural campus, students improve their observational and analytical skills as well as their level of sensitivity to diverse perspectives. Alongside this, the APS curriculum offers students a balanced combination of knowledge in chosen fields of study, life skills necessary for success, along with a global network of friends and colleagues that last a lifetime.
Yoichiro Sato
Dean and Professor, College of Asia Pacific Studies

International Relations and Peace Studies
Develop a strategic mind and leadership skills for the future of the Asia Pacific region

This course focuses primarily on the study of dispute resolution and peace-building, aiming to cultivate the ability to deal with increasingly complex global issues and, in turn, to develop human resources who will become future experts in the field. Drawing from the disciplines of international law, political studies and economics, we seek to provide students with the necessary critical thinking skills to succeed in the field of international relations.

Environment and Development
Explore directions in international cooperation in order to build sustainable societies

An understanding of water, forests and other environmental resources is essential when considering the future of the Asia Pacific. Profit-driven development has bought with it a raft of environmental and sustainable development issues. This course tackles the question of sustainable development in relation to efforts to balance environmental conservation and economic development and students examine policies and the law of systems throughout the region.

Culture, Society and Media
Acquire a multi-faceted understanding of society and a deeper appreciation of the problems facing the Asia Pacific region

Students learn about society, culture and values and media in order to understand the present-day problems the region faces. In this course, students will study the basics of information technology and delve into cultural and new media studies gaining a deep understanding of our multicultural society. Through this they gain a global perspective and the ability to view the region from several angles.

Hospitality and Tourism
Study international standards of hospitality and explore possibilities for regional development through tourism

Cultural exchange and regional industrial promotion by way of tourism are important aspects for the development of the Asia Pacific region. In this course, students explore all facets of tourism through the lenses of culture, society and community. They study the theory and practice of hospitality as it relates to the tourism, service, health and welfare industries.

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