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Health and Sports Science

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Faculty information

SPEC (Special Program for English Communication)

An English education program with an emphasis on communication skills
We develop engineers who can be successful in the international scene by nurturing their English proficiency and improving their overall communication skills.

Career Education

We work hard to offer personalized career and job hunting support to each student, with specialist staff acting as career counselors and advisors in each department, staff with experience working at corporate firms and who liaise with faculty in charge of careers and job hunting to give students the best opportunities possible.

Project Education

Students play an active role, and through this hands on involvement are able to nurture a wealth of new knowledge and experiences.

Learning swimming teaching techniques

Learning swimming teaching techniques

Researching the ideal form

Researching the ideal form

Participating in practical work

Participating in practical work

Sports and Health Sciences
Developing skilled individuals with practical ability that have learned specialized sports knowledge and techniques through experience.

Sports today have grown into their own culture and industry. The development of sports and health sciences has contributed greatly to this trend. The Department of Sports and Health Science takes a scientific approach to sports and health to provide learning through experience in its aims to nurture skilled individuals capable of playing active roles in sports industries and as sports instructors within communities.

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