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Global Japanese Studies

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Faculty information

Educational concept

As part of Meiji University's efforts to further internationalization, we aim to train capable, empowered individuals that are "truly international" by providing a curriculum that combines Japanese studies and international research together with a leading-edge and global education system that includes two-way international student exchange along with international academic exchanges.

Course introduction

The School of Global Japanese studies provides learning alongside Japanese students that is based on intensive language study and many opportunities for international research. The program covers the culture and social systems of Japan that have brought attention from around the world.
An English track is offered where students can study in this program in English and earn credits.

As Japanese language studies are provided according to each student's level, from beginner to advanced, Japanese study can be continued while in the School of Global Japanese Studies. Students that have acquired proficiency in Japanese can also participate in lectures held in Japanese. The 4-year degree program consists of general studies in social humanities alongside research providing further learning enrichment in the following 8 fields, according to the student's interests: pop culture, visual arts, social systems and media, international relations and cultural exchange, international culture and philosophy, Japanese culture and philosophy, Japanese language, and English language.

In addition to the formal curriculum, activities like student clubs and field trips help create lifelong friendships and provide opportunities to broaden one's views of Japan's industries, society, and culture.

By graduation, students will have firmly acquired knowledge of Japan's globally-recognized traits as well as cross-cultural communication skills. They will have been prepared with the capability to pursue their careers on the global stage and serve as key actors between Japan and their home countries.

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A lesson underway

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