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Faculty information

Objectives for the Cultivation of Human Resources and Our Education and Research Programs

Our objective is to train human resources with a deep understanding of modern society and information transmission technologies, as well as the new information environments created by them. They will be able to investigate, analyze, actualize, evaluate, and improve social frameworks and information systems towards realizing a better society.
The Faculty of Informatics was created through a re-organization of the Faculty of Environmental and Information Studies in order to provide more thorough approaches to education and research in the fields of media and information. Researchers at the forefront of studies in the liberal arts and sciences and faculty who possess real-world business experience aim to realize co-existence of humans and society with information technologies that are evolving at a rapid pace. They will strive to contribute real-world applications and solutions to society through their studies and research. Our ecological and high-tech cyber-campus is the pride of the University. Our technologies are some of the most advanced in all of Japan, and they are used to fully support our students' academics.

A fully-realized cyber-campus

At our high-tech IT facilities, which are some of the most advanced in the country, students are able to take a variety of courses in topics such as programming and web design. The faculty, who have diverse backgrounds in liberal arts and the sciences, work together to provide educations that will lead to real-world contributions in their fields. Students are able to pursue their own line of practical study and seek answers to their specific questions.

Student Craftsmanship and Design

Students can design and operate their own information systems, work on creating products based on their own ideas, and broadly share their research results and proposals with society. They will use hands-on approaches, realize creations through their own hard work, and grow their imaginations, expressive abilities, and communication skills.

Laboratories for focusing on specialization

From their 3rd year, students are assigned to laboratories in their field of study for a period of 2 years. Faculty provide direct and personal guidance on topics including identifying research themes, research methods, and specific research approaches. In their 4th year, students complete their graduation research to present the results of the entirety of their specialized research while at the university.

Registered international students (by year)

Department of Sociology and Media Studies
Approaching issues facing society from the perspectives of communication and management

In the Department of Sociology and Media Studies, the diverse modes of communication used in contemporary society are researched from an academic perspective. Skills required by students include the capacity to approach familiar social issues within broader contexts. They will need to develop communication and management skills necessary to build bridges between various organizations, such as individuals with their community, communities with their businesses, and laypeople with experts. They will also need to be able to propose ideas and lead the way in creating new communication tools that will change the ways people connect with each other. The Department of Sociology and Media Studies provides an education based on the leading-edge knowledge of our times with the goal of cultivating students with these abilities.

Department of Information Systems
Creating safe and accessible information systems

Information systems are used by businesses and people around the world, and have quickly become indispensable to society as a whole. In the Department of Information Systems, students will learn the technologies for building easy-to-use and safe information systems for the realization of a richer information society. Students will learn programming, media processing techniques, and web design skills for responding to the diverse needs and perspectives of users. They will also acquire comprehensive production skills which they can use to investigate, analyze, actualize, evaluate, and improve advanced fully-realized information systems, covering facets such as information security and information management.

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