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Knowledge Engineering

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Faculty information

Objectives for the Cultivation of Human Resources and Our Education and Research Programs

Our objective is to cultivate human resources with the advanced scientific skills and knowledge to comprehensively excel in the knowledge-based society of the 21st-century.
Learning in the Faculty of Knowledge Engineering covers a wide range of topics focusing on the latest information engineering-related technologies, from sciences that support engineering such as information science and natural sciences, to engineering skills for building information platforms for communications and business systems, including the business development of such products. To these ends, we have introduced a curriculum which allows each student to take in a diverse range of knowledge and skills while being able to focus on their area of specialization. From their 3rd year, students join laboratories with highly social and creative components where they can further deepen their knowledge in their interests and areas of specialization. With their future in mind, students are given career development support from early in their studies, and foundation courses and special lectures are held to polish students' professional skills.

Highly-specialized Research Laboratories

In the second semester of the 3rd year of their studies, students affiliate themselves with a research laboratory that matches their interests and future aspirations There, students will be able to carry out practical course studies while developing knowledge in their specialization as well as social skills. In their 4th year, students concentrate on mandatory graduation research projects. Under the close supervision of the research laboratory’s faculty, students develop the skills needed to adapt and excel once out in society.

A Full Range of Career Development Courses - Raising Career Awareness at an Early Stage -

The Faculty of Knowledge Engineering provides foundation courses for learning career design mainly through group discussion work, and special lectures for the research of various industries and occupations. These classes help students prepare and practice for entering the working world. Proactive future planning is approached from the early stages of university life. These initiatives pave the way for students' self-realization.

Registered international students (by year)

Saudi Arabia1
Department of Computer Science
Supporting the ground-level growth of our information-based society with high levels of computer knowledge and creativity

Day by day, our modern information-based society is changing and evolving. At the root of this progress lies various information processing-related technologies. In the Department of Computer Science, students will learn theories and then the applications of computational technologies related to hardware and software, media technologies required for human-computer interaction such as sounds, images, and languages, and mathematical techniques for applied fields such as robot control and encryption. Students will train to become highly-creative technicians with the capacity to find solutions to the world's problems.

Department of Information and Communication Engineering
Acquiring the imagination and the applied skills to be able to contribute to the realization of a digital-ubiquitous society

Technologies such as cellular phones and the internet have forever changed the daily lives of people. These technologies are supported by constantly-evolving communications networks, and there is an essential need for the training of technicians who can broadly understand the technologies involved, from integrated circuits to large-scale networking systems. In the Department of Information and Communication Engineering, students will develop a broad range of creative and applied skills by gaining comprehensive knowledge about hardware and software systems and by honing the reliability and operability of their system designs to keep pace with the ever-changing forefront of technologies in the field.

Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering
Researching management from a scientific perspective based on the knowledge of management systems development.

The understanding of how management systems function for the flow of things and information, as well the acquisition of design, development, and management skills, are essential components for carrying out business activities in our modern global society. The Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering cultivates in its students fundamental information application skills with special emphasis on big data analysis, user-friendly systems design, and management. Students will study to become professional IT entrepreneurs who can excel in any industry, from the manufacture of cellular phones, automobiles, and electronics to the financial and marketing industries.

Department of Natural Sciences
Linking science and society through a deep understanding of the natural sciences

Many mysteries remain in our natural world, such as the history of the Earth and the evolution of living things. In the Department of Natural Sciences, students take a multidisciplinary academic approach towards acquiring broad knowledge and sound judgment related to natural sciences as a whole. Students will engage in activities such as field research and machine analysis to learn the practical skills to become able to make their own investigations, observations, and studies. Students will also cultivate the communication skills to become able to share their work with laypeople as well as be able to bring their concerns and opinions to experts.

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