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To Foreign Students Considering Studying in Yokohama National University. JAPAN STUDY SUPPORT is a website jointly operated by The Asian Students Cultural Association and Benesse Corporation. It provides information about studying in Japan.
The website also provides detailed information about Yokohama National University and its faculties of YOKOHAMA Global Education Program (YGEP), YOKOHAMA Creative-City Studies (YCCS), College of Economics, College of Business Administration, College of Engineering Science, and College of Urban Sciences. Take full advantage of the site to learn everything you would like to know about Yokohama National University.
In addition, information for about 1,300 universities, graduate schools, two-year colleges, and vocational schools that accept foreign students is also posted.

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横浜国立大学 | Yokohama National University

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YOKOHAMA Global Education Program (YGEP)

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Student life support

Tuition Exemption and Scholarships

Admission to YNU is by no means easy, but once admitted, many international students get tuition exemption as YNU has a tuition waiver system for its students.
To promote the acceptance of academically excellent international students and provide financial support after their admission to YNU, a new tuition waiver program has been established for privately financed international students who enter YNU in or after April 2020.

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In addition, there is a wide range of scholarships available such as those of the Japanese government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT), foreign governments, Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), and other private foundations.

"Tutor" (Student Supporter) System

Senior Japanese or international students serve as “tutors” for newly admitted international students to provide the necessary support for daily life and studying Japanese and other specialized subjects. In this manner, students who are not yet fluent in Japanese or those who are living abroad for the first time can start a new campus life without any worries.

105 and International Student Lounge (ISL)

At YNU, officially recognized student support groups “105” and the “International Student Lounge (ISL)” provide support in studies (proofreading, preparing for exams, etc.) and various procedures at the university. In addition, welcome parties, BBQ parties, international food parties, and many other events are organized to stimulate exchange among international and Japanese students.

Free Japanese Language and Culture Courses

At YNU, any international students can take courses on Japanese language and culture free of charge. Students can study Japanese based on their proficiency level and objectives, as we offer a wide variety of courses in six proficiency levels from beginner to advanced, as well as courses to gain specific skills in conversation, writing, kanji proficiency, etc. These courses are a great way to get to know other international students from various countries and programs.

International Student Groups

As of May 2019, 991 international students from 76 countries are enrolled at YNU. As there are many international student groups, new students can interact with senior international students from the same country or culture. A list of these groups is posted on the website of the International Student Center.

Cultural and Religious Considerations

YNU respects the religious beliefs of its students. CO-OP has a Halal foods section offering pre-cooked meals such as canned soup, pot noodles and retort pouch curry. Also, Cafeteria 2 serves Halal meals. If students want to pray, there is a prayer room available on campus.

International Students Job Recruitment Promotion Program

In 2017, YNU submitted a proposal for the International Students Job Recruitment Promotion Program, a public project for Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in collaboration with Yokohama City University, and the proposal was chosen. Both universities will collaborate with Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama City, financial groups, and international exchange groups to expand Japanese language education, career education, and internships. Through these activities, support for international students wishing to work in Japan will be further strengthened.

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