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Bachelor's Program in Global Issues

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Application for the Global Assignment Degree Program (Bachelor) has started.
During the application acceptance period (March 1, 2020 (Mon) 12:00-April 3, Friday (Fri) 17:00 (Japan time)), access the Web input system to enter application information and upload image files, etc. Please do.

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[University of Tsukuba] Applications for the Bachelor's Program in Global Issues are now accepted.
Please access to our online application system in order to input date and upload image files during this period: noon, March 2 (Mon.) to 5 p.m., April 3 (Fri.), 2020 (Japan Standard Time).

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Faculty information

Program Summary

The objectives of the Degree Program shall be to cultivate human resources who will acquire broad basic knowledge for gaining an overall perspective of global issues, who will enthusiastically seek on their own information and technology beyond their particular fields to resolve problems related to human beings and the environment, and who are capable of making decisions on optimal solutions from among many options.
BPGI is a four-year degree program which is taught in English.

Degree to be acquired: Bachelor of Arts and Science

What are Global Issues?

Global Issue stands for complex contemporary issues, which are related to the entire globe. These issues are intertwined with various stakeholders and phenomena, and therefore, it is not easy to solve them by using a traditional approach. Global Issues can be seen in our daily lives, and we must try to find a solution from our daily lives. For example, even a piece of bread that you have had for breakfast could highlight issues like the significant cost of energy used to import wheat, the wage and human rights issues of people engaged in production and transportation, mass disposal, and biased food distribution in the world.

What can you learn?

You can learn about the literacy in global issues, which means that you can learn what global issues are and how you can resolve them from the perspectives of “Environment” and “Human”. The “Environment” fields are divided into “Earth Environment” and “Risk and Security” issues. On the other hand, the “Human” fields are divided into “Human Health and Wellbeing” and “Social Diversity and Inclusiveness” issues.

You will acquire knowledge on these four issues comprehensively and can develop specialties with your own interests.

What kind of courses are offered?

This is not just a conventional course to teach knowledge. Many original Problem/Program Based Learning (PBL) courses are in store to build the students’ strength to think for themselves and find their solution to global issues. Courses reinforcing their area of specialization can also be taken depending on their interest.

What career can you pursue?

After graduating from BPGI, you can become involved in international organizations, research institutions, or global enterprises according to your own interests, in any place or country in the world, to solve various global issues with flexible, logical, and creative thinking skills and highly specialized knowledge.

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