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Various cultures flourish in Ibaraki Prefecture, centering on the city of Mito. Tsukuba is another notable city apart from Mito, and it also is an ideal place for international students to come and study. The University of Tsukuba, a renowned national-level institution, is located there. The university is central to Tsukuba Science City, where research is carried out in a variety of academic fields. This is Japan's largest Science City, boasting close to 300 institutions and 20,000 researchers. Of these researchers, about 3,000 of them are from other countries. These international researchers bring invaluable academic contributions and other positive effects to Ibaraki Prefecture.

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Ibaraki Prefectural University of Health Sciences Research courseList

National University Corporation Tsukuba University of Technology Research courseList

Tokiwa University Research courseList

Ryutsu Keizai University Research courseList

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Kwansei Gakuin University
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