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LSH Asia scholarship

Last Update: Aug. 23, 2016

Organization (NPO) LSH Asia scholarship
Applicable scholarship year 2015-2016
Application method Apply through the school.
Place of residence at the time of application in Japan
Academic level Japanese language school
Nationality Asia
Residency status College Student
Designated schools Officially accredited Japanese language institutes accepting students (except Department of special courses of Japanese language attached to universities, Japanese language of special schools)
Combined award limitation You cannot get another scholarship.
Stipend (Yen) 20,000 for a month
Duration (years) 5 months (August to December)
Number of recipients 未定 (not decided)
Number of recipients in previous year 50
Application period July 1 to July 31
Application deadline July

This page outlines information for the LSH Asia scholarship Scholarship offered by (NPO) LSH Asia scholarship.
Here you can find out about application eligibility, scholarship amount and period, and how to apply.
To apply for the LSH Asia scholarship Scholarship please check all criteria, time periods and information on how to apply and then go through the university (or organization) directly.

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