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2022/05/25 Ryukoku University Japanese Culture and Language Program University news

Ryukoku University & the City of Kyoto Welcome Student from Ukraine

Ryukoku University has welcomed an international student from Kyiv University in the Ukraine.
When the student arrived there was a welcome ceremony attended by Kadokawa Daisaku, the Mayor of Kyoto; Kyiv’s sister city in Japan. Students, staff and teachers from Ryukoku University also attended, waving blue and yellow Ukrainian flags.
Following this, a welcome greeting was given by a global supporter student from Ryukoku, an ‘Admissions Acceptance’ letter was presented by University President Irizawa, and Mayor Kadokawa awarded the student with financial aid to cover tuition and everyday living.

Ryukoku will continue to support students from Ukraine.
For more details please visit → https://www.ryukoku.ac.jp/nc/news/entry-10478.html
For information on Ryukoku accepting students from Ukraine click below:

Information on Aid for Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis:

Information on Ryukoku’s Global Supporter program:

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