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Ryukoku University Japanese Culture and Language Program 今回は龍谷大学の課外...

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2021/11/12 Ryukoku University Japanese Culture and Language Program University news

Latest achievements by Ryukoku clubs and teams.

Ryukoku Baseball Team
The Ryukoku Baseball team beat the Tenri University team in the final game of the Kansai regional competition that was held between October 31st and November 3rd. We will be the second Kansai representative competing at the Meiji Jingu (All-Japan) Competition later this month.
The team last made it to the Meiji Jingu competition in 2010, and the national competition in spring, 2014.
Second year Faculty of Sociology student, Gakuto ITO, was also chosen as MVP of the entire competition.
Ryukoku’s first game will be held on Saturday, November 20th.
We wish the team the best of luck and hope you will all be cheering them on!

♫Wind Music Club♫
Ryukoku’s Wind Music Club participated in the All-Japan Band Competition (organized by the All-Japan Band Organization and the Asahi Shimbun), held at the Rexxam Hall in Kagawa prefecture on October 30th. Continuing on from the last competition held in 2019 (the 2020 competition was cancelled) Ryukoku achieved another Gold award, our 12th in total.

Rowing Club
Fourth year Faculty of Letters student Natsumi SUGANUMA won the woman’s single scull race at the All-Japan Inter-College Rowing Competition held in Toda City, Saitama prefecture, between October 28th and 31st, 2021.
It has been 20 years since the club last celebrated a win at the competition.
Due to covid-19 the competition also served as this year’s main national competition and even though the format of the competition differed from normal years, competitors fought hard and ended up coming out on top!

Badminton Club
The Ryukoku Badminton club received a number of awards at the 72nd All-Japan College Badminton Competition held between October 15th and October 21st, including a win in the women’s doubles and coming runners up in the women’s team event.

Come and learn about language and culture at Ryukoku, a University that also nurtures dedicated and successful clubs and teams!

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