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Ryukoku University Japanese Culture and Language Program 龍谷大学の留学生寮と...

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2020/10/29 Ryukoku University Japanese Culture and Language Program University news

Ryukoku University International Student Dormitories
• 3 international student dormitories (including one male-only dorm)
• Accommodation for up to 200 international students (as at October 2020)
• Resident Japanese advisor to offer every-day living support
• 3 minute walk to Fukakusa Campus
• Can apply for accommodation for either 6 months or one year.
Costs for a single room: 28,000 and 45,000 JPY/Month (including water and electricity)
Residents will need to supply their own daily necessities.
Residents can rent the following bedding items at a cost: kakebuton (heavy blanket), shikibuton (mattress), pillow, wool blanket, towel blanket, two pairs of sheets and a pillow cover.
Dormitories have air conditioners, fridges and other facilities required for every-day living. Residents can use communal kitchens for cooking.
• All residents must pay an insurance fee when they move in. This will be reimbursed at the end of the stay.

For more details please visit the following sites.
Mitorakan (to be completed in April, 2021)
https://intl.ryukoku.ac.jp/dormitory/html_j/mitrakan.html (Japanese)
https://intl.ryukoku.ac.jp/english/dormitory/mitrakan.html (English)
Ryukoku International House
https://intl.ryukoku.ac.jp/dormitory/html_j/kokusai_h.html (Japanese)
https://intl.ryukoku.ac.jp/english/dormitory/kokusai_h.html (English)
Ryukoku Kaikan
https://intl.ryukoku.ac.jp/dormitory/html_j/r_kaikan.html (Japanese)
https://intl.ryukoku.ac.jp/english/dormitory/r_kaikan.html (English)

Come and enjoy the at-home feel of one of Ryukoku's international student dormitories!

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