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準備前往松山大学留學的各位: 由財團法人亞洲學生文化協會及倍楽生(倍樂生)股份有限公司共同營運的Japan Study Support是提供外國留學生日本留學資訊的網站。松山大学Economics學部、Business Administration學部、Humanities學部、Law學部、Medical Pharmaceutical Science學部等等,各科系的詳細資訊都分別刊載在此網站。有需要松山大学留學資訊的各位同學,請多多利用此網站查詢。另外,此網站上也有刊載約招收留學生的1300所大學、大學院、短大、專門學校等資訊。

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松山大学 | Matsuyama University


Maxmizing Your Potential at Matsuyama University

 Matsuyama University was established in 1923, the oldest private university in the Shikoku region. Each year, approximately 6,000 students are enrolled including the students from Matsuyama Junior College and Matsuyama University’s Graduate Schools. There are nearly 70,000 alumni of the institution in its 90 years of history.
 Our educational philosophy is derived from the founding principles of “Truthful, Useful and Faithful”. We take pride in our tradition of producing highly motivated, talented graduates. We also have special features of the high employability of our graduates, our contribution to society, extracurricular, and the bond between faculty members and students. We aim to be a reliable university which the entire community of Matsuyama University can be proud of.


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松山大学 學系一覽

Business Administration

  • 入學考試資料
郵政編碼 790-8578
咨詢地址 4-2 Bunkyo-cho, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime
咨詢部門 International Center Office
電話號碼 089-926-7148
傳真號碼 089-926-7151
留學生特別考試 有留學生特別考試
招生人數 若幹名 (2017年度)
參加考試人數 0人 (2016年度)
合格人數 0人 (2016年度)
在籍留學生數(持留學簽證) 1人 (2016年度)
在籍私費留學生數 0人 (2016年度)
報名費 15,000 日元 (2017年度)
入學金 200,000 日元 (2017年度)
教育費/年 780,000 日元 (2017年度)
其他費用 44,660 日元 (2017年度)
備註 Paid admissions fees will not be returned. Payments made by international students excluding admissions fees will be returned if an admissions withdrawal notice is delivered to us by March 31, 2017.
學科 Business Administration
申請資料發布時期 6月上旬
大學單獨考試的歷年考題 無歷年考題
入學年月(春期) 2017年4月入學
申請類別 Entrance Examination for International Students
申請時期的開始日期 2017年1月5日
申請時期的結束日期 2017年1月12日
合格公布日期 2017年1月27日
入學手續截止日 2017年3月8日(第一期截止日) 2017年3月23日(第二期截止日)
渡日前的手續-來日參加考試 不要
大學單獨考試的科目 資料審查
日本留學考試-要/不要 要。
日本留學考試-指定科目 日語
日本留學考試-參照考試 2016年6月以後的考試
英語考試 Using TOEFL or TOEIC Scores
日語能力考試 需參加N1(1級水準)考試
備註 [Application Qualification]
1) The applicant has been designated by MEXT (a student receiving the Japanese Government Scholarship)
2) The applicant must fulfill the conditions (1) through (3) below.
(1) The applicant does not hold Japanese nationality, and has completed 12 years of school education outside of Japan, or has a status equivalent to this condition.
(2) The applicant must have taken the subject "Japanese as a Foreign Language" of the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU), held by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) in or after June 2016. However, for applications from outside of Japan in countries/cities where the EJU is not held, applicants must have taken level N1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), which is held by The Japan Foundation and Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES), and the test must have been taken in or after December 2015. Note that the applicant's Japanese language level must meet the standards set by the Immigration Bureau of Japan.
(3) The applicant must have taken the TOEFL or TOEIC exam. However, this is not required for high school graduates or expected graduates whose education took place in English.

最後更新日期: 2016年06月03日





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