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準備前往慶應義塾大学留學的各位: 由財團法人亞洲學生文化協會及倍楽生(倍樂生)股份有限公司共同營運的Japan Study Support是提供外國留學生日本留學資訊的網站。慶應義塾大学GIGA (Global Information and Governance Academic) Program -Faculty of Policy Management/Faculty of Environment and Information Studies學部、Letters學部、Economics學部、Law學部、Business and Commerce學部、Medicine學部、Science and Technology學部、Policy Management學部、Environment and Information Studies學部、Pharmacy學部等等,各科系的詳細資訊都分別刊載在此網站。有需要慶應義塾大学留學資訊的各位同學,請多多利用此網站查詢。另外,此網站上也有刊載約招收留學生的1300所大學、大學院、短大、專門學校等資訊。

大學 / 東京都, 神奈川縣 / 私立

慶應義塾大学 | Keio University


Don’t just follow the leaders. Join them, at Keio University.

In 1858, Keio University was founded to provide advanced education with an international perspective. It has remained true to that vision ever since and has grown to become one of the world’s most prestigious universities, renowned for producing generations of alumni who have distinguished themselves in the highest tiers of their professions.
Today, Keio’s commitment to global thinking continues to be reflected in an expanded curriculum of all-English degree programs. Offered in addition to a full range of courses in Japanese, these programs include the Global Information and Governance Academic (GIGA) undergraduate degree program, as well as a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate double degree programs with leading universities worldwide. Keio is also the only university in Japan to participate in CEMS, the Global Alliance in Management Education.
In established and emerging fields across a full range of academic disciplines, Keio is helping to prepare a new generation of global-minded leaders for the challenges ahead. As its top-10 ranking in the 2013 Global Executive Alma Mater Index attests, an international education at Keio is an asset that has launched many global leaders on the path to success.

[Faculties with English Programs]
・Faculty of Policy Management - GIGA Program
・Faculty of Environment and Information Studies - GIGA Program

・Faculty of Economics - PEARL Program


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  • 入學考試資料
郵政編碼 108-8345
咨詢地址 2-15-45 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
咨詢部門 Intrnational Student Admisison Center
電話號碼 03-5427-1611
傳真號碼 03-5427-1564
留學生特別考試 有留學生特別考試
招生人數 若幹名 (2017年度)
參加考試人數 10人 (2016年度)
合格人數 1人 (2016年度)
報名費 30,000 日元 (2016年度)
入學金 200,000 日元 (2016年度)
教育費/年 1,620,000 日元 (2016年度)
其他費用 543,350 日元 (2016年度)
備註 Pharmaceutical Sciences course;
Admission Fee: 200.000 yen
Tuition Fee: 1,360.000 yen
"Other expenses": 543.350 yen
School fees expect Admission fee will be refunded if you decline the entrance.
學科 Pharmacy、Pharmaceutical Sciences
申請資料發布時期 6月下旬
入學年月(春期) 2017年4月入學
申請類別 外國留學生特別考試
申請時期的開始日期 2016年9月16日
申請時期的結束日期 2016年9月28日
考試日期 2017年2月10日
合格公布日期 2017年2月21日
大學單獨考試的科目 英語、理科、資料審查、面試。Writing in Japanese
日本留學考試-要/不要 不要。
英語考試 舉行大學獨自的考試
日語能力考試 不要

最後更新日期: 2016年06月20日





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