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準備前往筑波大学留學的各位: 由財團法人亞洲學生文化協會及倍楽生(倍樂生)股份有限公司共同營運的Japan Study Support是提供外國留學生日本留學資訊的網站。筑波大学Japan-Expertプログラム學部、School of Humanities and Culture學部、School of Human Sciences學部、School of Science and Engineering學部、School of Medicine and Medical Sciences學部、School of Health and Physical Education學部、School of Art and Design學部、School of Informatics學部、School of Social and International Studies學部、School of Life and Environmental Sciences學部等等,各科系的詳細資訊都分別刊載在此網站。有需要筑波大学留學資訊的各位同學,請多多利用此網站查詢。另外,此網站上也有刊載約招收留學生的1300所大學、大學院、短大、專門學校等資訊。

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筑波大学 | University of Tsukuba


University of Tsukuba

The University of Tsukuba traces its roots back to a teacher-training school which opened in 1872. This was followed by the opening of the Tokyo University of Education in 1949, and in 1973 the university was relocated and took its current name, re-founded with the aim of building an academic community that extends across Japan and throughout the world.
Dr. Jigoro Kano, who is known as the founder of Judo, served as the principal of the Higher Normal School and the Tokyo Higher Normal School, which were the predecessors of Tsukuba University, for 25 years. He advocated the philosophies of "Maximum Efficiency with Minimum Effort” and “Mutual Welfare and Benefit", as well as various educational initiatives such as realizing personal growth through the practice of Judo, the expansion of school education throughout Japan, the active intake of international students, and the development of sports education in Japan. Dr. Kano’s vision revealed not just an education plan for his students, but a model of education for universities in general for nurturing the talents of students and for bringing Japan to prominence on the global stage.
The University of Tsukuba counts among its alumni both Nobel Laureates and Olympic gold medalists. Nobel Laureates include former President of the university Dr. Shin-Itiro Tomonaga and former President of the University of Tsukuba Dr. Leo Esaki (winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics) and Professor Emeritus Dr. Hideki Shirakawa (winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry). Twenty-four Olympic medals have been won by University of Tsukuba students, including those won by Ayumi Tanimoto, winner of two consecutive gold medals in women’s Judo.
The University of Tsukuba will continue to strive to keep ahead of our ever-changing modern society, developing new educational and research capacities and organizational operations that are highly-adaptable, diverse and globally-minded.

■Japan-Expert (Bachelor Degree) Program

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Japan-Expert Program

下載學系介紹指南 Web申請

【University of Tsukuba】
Please access our online application system in order to input date and upload image files during this period : - April 19 (Tue.)(5 p.m. JST), 2016
*The application period has been extended.

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郵政編碼 305-8577
咨詢地址 1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki
咨詢部門 Top Global University Project Office
電話號碼 029-853-2500
留學生特別考試 其他(詳情請咨詢)
招生人數 若幹名 (2016年度)
報名費 17,000 日元 (2016年度)
入學金 282,000 日元 (2016年度)
教育費/年 267,900 日元 (2016年度)
學科 Agricultural Science Course、Healthcare Course、Art and Design Course、Japanese Language Teacher Training Course
申請資料發布時期 即時
入學年月(秋期) 2016年9月入學
申請類別 外國留學生特別考試
申請時期的開始日期 2016年4月7日
申請時期的結束日期 2016年4月19日
考試日期 2016年5月16日 - 2016年5月20日
合格公布日期 2016年6月8日
入學手續截止日 2016年7月8日
渡日前的手續-來日參加考試 不要
大學單獨考試的科目 面試
日本留學考試-要/不要 若參加過考試,可作為參考。
備註 ■Agricultural Science Course, Healthcare Course, and Art and Design Course Applicants
Certification of N3 or higher on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is required.

■Japanese Language Teacher Training Course Applicants
Certification of N2 or higher on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is required.

最後更新日期: 2016年04月13日






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