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Nihon University was formerly the Nihon Law School, which was established in 1889. Since its inception, the university has remained a leader at the forefront of university research and education with a global and enterprising spirit. An attractive university, with a wide range of academic disciplines, Nihon University has developed itself in not just the fields of academia and research, but also numerous other areas contributing to the betterment and welfare of society, such as medical care and lifelong learning. With 16 colleges, 87 departments, a Graduate School, a Junior College and a Distance Learning Division, Nihon University is one of the largest comprehensive universities in Japan.


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Hỗ trợ đời sống sinh hoạt sinh viên

Scholarships Available for Foreign Exchange Students

Nihon University has a number of original scholarships available for outstanding foreign exchange students. We also recruit for students applying for scholarships from both public and private organizations.

Tuition Fee Reduction System for Exchange Students

Nihon University has a tuition fee reduction system available for self-funded foreign exchange students with outstanding academic achievement. Students who meet the requirements are eligible for a 20% reduction in tuition fees. Students wanting to apply for this tuition reduction will need to contact the relevant office in their affiliated college after enrollment.

Accommodation and Student Dormitory

Nihon University’s College of Commerce is located in Tokyo’s Setagara district. The closest station is the Soshigaya-Okura Station on the Odakyu Line. While there isn’t a student dormitory on the campus, students can use our partner real estate agent to be shown apartments located close by.
Please refer to this website for more information on accommodation.

Job Hunting and Career Placement Support

Nihon University’s College of Commerce has a Careers Office to assist students with all aspects of their job hunt, including career guidance consultations and the holding of various job hunting support related events and activities. Career counselors are waiting and ready to help you by telling you how job hunting in Japan proceeds, correcting or editing resumes and entry sheets, helping with interview preparation, offering guidance on what to do if job offers are received from more than one company, and any other time you need help with any aspect of your job hunt.
The Office also has an array of useful job hunting and related information for students to browse, as well as computers for looking up recruitment information and reading relevant newspaper articles and/or messages from people who have already received job offers. The Office also holds job-hunting guidance sessions specifically aimed at exchange students. Japan has a very unique job hunting and recruitment system, aspects of which can be hard for exchange students to grasp. The Careers Office will arm you with the information you need to succeed in your job hunt.

Student Life

Nihon University students lead very rewarding student lives, both within the classroom and with their extracurricular activities. The College of Commerce alone has 59 premier student clubs and circles, including extremely active organizations that participate in outside sporting events, and those that practice everyday in preparation for performing at the Kinuta Festival.
Day trips to some of Japan’s most famous locations and cultural sites are also organized every year to strengthen the exchange and ties between foreign exchange students and their Japanese peers. A Christmas party is also organized at the end of the year.

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