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明治大学 | Meiji University


Empowering the Individual

Meiji University was founded in January 1881 as the Meiji Law School by a group of young lawyers barely in their 30's: Tatsuo Kishimoto, Kozo Miyagi, and Misao Yashiro.
Currently there are 10 undergraduate Schools and 12 Graduate Schools, as well as the Law School and professional schools for the development of highly-specialized workers. The University also includes Meiji University Junior High School and Meiji University High School. These programs comprise one of Japan's most outstanding comprehensive university systems. With over 500,000 graduates sent out into society, Meiji University has played a major role in Japan's development.
Meiji University, in the spirit of empowering individuals, aims to make dramatic advances onto the world stage as the top urban university in Japan.


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Science and Technology

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"Your Guide to Meiji"

By accessing the link below, you can watch video clips on topics such as the support and assistance being provided to international students, information about campus life, dormitories, the campus vicinity, the Aikido Club and the International Exchange Lounge.


Intellectual Property Center

The Meiji University Intellectual Property Center is a technology licensing organization accredited by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Education based on the "Act on the Promotion of Technology Transfer from Universities to Private Business Operators" commonly known as an approved “TLO” (Technology Licensing Organization).
Meiji University acquires the rights for its research results and then transfers the technology beyond the university. From there, the cycle of intellectual creativity is sustained and royalties earned are returned to researchers and the university.

AV Hall

AV Hall (283 seats) is indispensable for displaying images for natural science classes and research presentations. It is equipped with 2 projector screens for slides and videos and a 4-language simultaneous interpretation system. AV Hall can also be utilized for academic conferences, events, other school activities.

Ikuta Structural Test Building

In April 1999, the Ikuta Structural Test Building was completed in the Meiji University Ikuta Campus. This test building was built and established as a result of the selection of a research project by the Ministry of Education Science Frontier Concept (in 1998) entitled, "Building structures tolerant of intense vibration and research on the improvement of the seismic capacity of structures in machinery".

Machinery Shop

In the machine shop, students can carry out work practice using various machinery tools that have been made available, such as a general-purpose lathe and a milling machine. In addition, computer numerical controlled (CNC) lathes and milling machines, high-precision molding and grinding machines, and electrical and wire-cut discharge machines are utilized widely as experimental equipment during students’ graduation research work.

AV Hall

Ikuta Structural Test Building

Machinery Shop




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