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関西大学 유학을 생각하고 계시는 분들께 JAPAN STUDY SUPPORT는 재단법인 아시아학생문화협회와 주식회사 베네세코퍼레이션이 공동운영하고 있는 외국인 유학생을 위한 일본유학정보 사이트입니다. 関西大学 Letters 학부및Kansai University Japanese Language and Cultural Program Preparatory Course (Bekka) 학부및Law 학부및Economics 학부및Commerce 학부및Sociology 학부및Informatics 학부및Engineering Science 학부및Policy Studies 학부및Environmental and Urban Engineering 학부및Chemistry Materials and Bioengineering 학부및Safety Science 학부및Health and Well-being 학부 등 학부 별 상세 정보도 게재하고 있기 때문에, 関西大学 관한 유학정보를 찾고 계시는 분들은 꼭 이용해 보시기 바랍니다. 이 외에도 외국인 유학생을 모집을 하고 있는 1,300여 개의 대학・대학원・단기대학・전문학교의 정보도 게재하고ㅇ 있습니다.

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関西大学 | Kansai University

As a Kansai University student, the world is open to you as you put your ideas into action.

There are many possibilities for learning waiting for students at Kansai University. Students can take part in the regular degree program as international students or as exchange students through partner institutions. There are also research programs for international graduate students.
Kansai University is a comprehensive private university located in Osaka, a city with a long tradition and history. 2016 marks the 130th year since the university's founding. Approximately 28,000 undergraduate students are enrolled in the school’s 13 faculties: Law, Letters, Economics, Business and Commerce, Sociology, Policy Studies, Foreign Language Studies, Health and Well-being, Informatics, Safety Science, Engineering Science, Environmental and Urban Engineering, and Chemistry, Materials, and Bioengineering. There are many international students enrolled and more joining every year, with international and Japanese students living and learning together. International student alumni of the highest quality are bringing back the culture and academic knowledge of Japan with them across the world. Kansai University offers wide-ranging support and assistance programs so that international students can lead productive and fulfilling student lives.

Entrance Examination for International Students <Check the information found at the link below>
What kind of School is Kansai University? <Introduction Video of the University>


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  • 입시정보
우편번호 564-8680
문의처 주소 3-3-35 Yamate-cho, Suita-shi, Osaka
문의처 부서 AO Exam Group, Admissions Office
전화번호 06-6368-1121
팩스번호 06-6368-0066
유학생 특별선발 유학생 특별선발 있음
모집정원 5명 (2017년도)
수험자수 13명 (2016년도)
합격자수 10명 (2016년도)
출원료 35,000 엔 (2016년도)
입학금 260,000 엔 (2016년도)
수업료/년 850,000 엔 (2016년도)
총비용 27,000 엔 (2016년도)
비고 Tuition fee and Other expenses of 2017 are not decided yet, so they are on the record of 2016. Application fee is of 2017.
학과 Sociology
원서 배포시기 6월중순
입학년월(봄학기) 2017년4월입학
출원구분 Entrance examination for international undergraduates
출원기간 개시일 2016년9월1일
출원기간 종료일 2016년9월9일
시험일 2016년10월16일
합격 발표일 2016년10월28일
입학수속 마감일 2016년11월7일(제1회 마감) 2017년3월17일(제2회 마감)
도일전(渡日前) 수속-해외에서 직접출원 가능
도일전(渡日前) 수속-수험을 위한 일본방문 필요
대학단독시험 과목 서류심사, 면접
일본유학시험-지정과목 일본어, 종합과목
일본유학시험-출제언어 일본어, 영어 어느쪽도 가능
일본유학시험-참조할 시험 2015년11월이후 시험
영어시험 You must submit TOEFL iBT, TOEFL PBT or TOEIC. If you have received formal education in English at the last 6 years, and are able to provide documentary evidence, you are eligible for a waiver. Scores must have been taken within 2 years from applying.
일본어 능력시험 불필요

최종변경일: 2016년06월30일

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