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Toyo University | 東洋大学

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Making our Future Stronger Through the Traditions of Philosophy

The beginnings of Toyo University can be found in the Philosophy Academy, which was established in 1887 by the philosopher Enryo Inoue. In an era where only the elite of society were able to receive an education, his school was a place for the higher education of all people.
Toyo University carries on the traditions of that school, and has opened its doors to the world and is actively taking in international students. Here, international students can find a world-class education that transcends borders and cultures, bringing together like-minded, motivated individuals in a comfortable and supportive learning environment.


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【Toyo University】
Former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mr. Mahathir, Visited Toyo University and joined a dialogue meeting with students.

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Informasi fakultas

Outline of the Faculty of Letters

The Faculty of Letters of Toyo University has quite a long history spanning 120 years, which follows the founding of the Philosophy Academy by Enryo Inoue in 1887. It carries on the school's overall principle of "The basis of all learning lies in philosophy" in its pursuit of the essential qualities of humanity and society that transcend both country and the passage of time.
Currently, the Faculty of Letters has 7 departments of studies. Close, personal education is provided to students through small-sized, in-depth classes such as seminars, with a focus on the development of the essential abilities for living a better life, namely reading, writing, and thinking. Students will acquire advanced specialization in their studies, the ability to think deeply on topics, and a broad perspective through their education towards becoming contemporary leaders in their respective fields.

Department of Philosophy
Cultivating insight into the essence of all things through the practical study of philosophy

In the Department of Philosophy, first-year students approach the study of philosophy as a thinking exercise through in-depth discussions held in small-size seminar classes. Opinions and thoughts are examined for their underlying basis. Ongoing dialogues between students and faculty promote deeper explorations of thought and cultivate skills for communication and understanding.
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Department of Eastern Philosophy and Culture
Comprehensive study of the thinking and cultures of Asian countries and regions

The curriculum of this department focuses on studying the full breadth of the thinking and cultures of the various countries and regions of Asia. From the second year of study, students choose to focus on a course of study: Indian Thought, Buddhist Thought, Chinese Language, Philosophy and Literature, or Eastern Arts and Culture. The highly-specialized education provided gives students a broad perspective on Eastern cultures.
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Department of Japanese Literature and Culture
Exploring Japanese literature and culture from a global perspective

Studies in the Department of Japanese Literature and Culture do not dwell on Japan's inward-looking cultural theories, and instead examine Japan's literature and culture from a global perspective by applying concepts of comparative studies. In addition to traditional topics of specialization such as Japanese Language, Classical Literature and Culture, and Contemporary Literature and Culture, a new specialization of Comparative Literature and Culture has also been established. Students can study among these specializations freely to develop a wide-ranging, multifaceted perspective.
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Department of English and American Literature
Cultivating the skills of English reading, writing, listening, and speaking through the study of other cultures

Works of literature contain the activities, feelings, and thoughts of people, describing their daily lives as well as their strongest inner emotions. Language and literature have an inseparable relationship, and suitable language skills are required when reading a given work. To this end, in the Department of English Language and Literature, at first the thorough acquisition of English language fundamentals is emphasized.
Next, British and America novels, poetry, and criticism are read and discussed in literature classes, and these are combined with classes on topics surrounding the English language, including speech, grammar and history. Studies are carried out in one of three fields: British Literature, American Literature, and English Language.
Website in Japanese:

Department of History
Examining the past to construct new perspectives on history

The Department of History offers three specializations: Japanese history, Eastern history, and Western history. Small-size classes combined with lectures provide a broad range of opportunities to study various aspects of history. In addition to learning how to accurately evaluate history through the interpretation of materials such as primary sources, students will also strive to understand the wisdom of humanity that can contribute to the building of current and future society.
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Department of Education
Training specialists in education

Our society is rapidly changing with the growth of information systems, internationalization, and an aging population, and these changes bring a need for new styles of education. The Department of Education is responding to the needs of our time by starting new educator training programs. Two specializations have been established: Human Development, which carries on the previous curriculum of the Department, and Primary Education, for the development of elementary school teachers.
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Department of English Communication
Studying to master practical English skills and the ability to communicate freely in international society

The globalization of our increasingly information-based society has created a need for understanding of other cultures, flexible approaches, and international, open communication skills. Within these developments, the Department of English Communication has been established for students to gain the knowledge and skills of the world's common language.
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