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Bagi Anda yang ingin melanjutkan studi ke University of Tsukuba. JAPAN STUDY SUPPORT merupakan situs informasi studi di Jepang untuk para pelajar/mahasiswa(i) mancanegara yang dikelola bersama oleh The Asian Students Cultural Association (ABK) dan Benesse Corp. Kami menyediakan informasi rinci per fakultas, termasuk Fakultas Japan-Expert ProgramatauFakultas Bachelor's Program in Global IssuesatauFakultas School of Humanities and CultureatauFakultas School of Human SciencesatauFakultas School of Science and EngineeringatauFakultas School of Medicine and Medical SciencesatauFakultas School of Health and Physical EducationatauFakultas School of Art and DesignatauFakultas School of InformaticsatauFakultas School of Social and International StudiesatauFakultas School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba. Bagi yang mencari informasi melanjutkan studi ke University of Tsukuba, silakan memanfaatkannya. Selain itu, kami juga menyediakan informasi sekitar 1300 universitas, pascasarjana, universitas yunior, akademi kejuruan yang siap menerima mahasiswa(i) mancanegara.

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筑波大学 | University of Tsukuba

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University of Tsukuba

The University of Tsukuba traces its roots back to a teacher-training school which opened in 1872. This was followed by the opening of the Tokyo University of Education in 1949, and in 1973 the university was relocated and took its current name, re-founded with the aim of building an academic community that extends across Japan and throughout the world.
Dr. Jigoro Kano, who is known as the founder of Judo, served as the principal of the Higher Normal School and the Tokyo Higher Normal School, which were the predecessors of Tsukuba University, for 25 years. He advocated the philosophies of "Maximum Efficiency with Minimum Effort” and “Mutual Welfare and Benefit", as well as various educational initiatives such as realizing personal growth through the practice of Judo, the expansion of school education throughout Japan, the active intake of international students, and the development of sports education in Japan. Dr. Kano’s vision revealed not just an education plan for his students, but a model of education for universities in general for nurturing the talents of students and for bringing Japan to prominence on the global stage.
The University of Tsukuba counts among its alumni both Nobel Laureates and Olympic gold medalists. Nobel Laureates include former President of the university Dr. Shin-Itiro Tomonaga and former President of the University of Tsukuba Dr. Leo Esaki (winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics) and Professor Emeritus Dr. Hideki Shirakawa (winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry). In the Olympic Games, Sawao Kato (a professor emeritus of the University) won twelve Olympic medals including eight gold medals between 1968 and 1976 in artistic gymnastics. In recent years, Ayumi Tanimoto won gold medals in Judo at two consecutive Olympics. Those associated with Tsukuba have won a total of sixty-three medals at the Olympics.
The University of Tsukuba will continue to strive to keep ahead of our ever-changing modern society, developing new educational and research capacities and organizational operations that are highly-adaptable, diverse and globally-minded.


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Japan-Expert Program

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【Japan-Expert Program】
Student Application Information (FY2017) have released!
For details, please refer to our website.

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Dukungan untuk kehidupan mahasiswa


The following 2 scholarships are available for students joining the Japan-Expert (Bachelor Degree) Program.

1. Tsukuba Scholarship (monthly scholarship stipend of 50,000 yen)
2. Imagawa Future Fund (For Healthcare Course students only) (scholarship amount not yet determined)
In addition to these scholarships, other scholarships are available to students after enrollment based on the university’s recommendation.

International Student Assistants

Following enrollment, international students will be assigned assistants who will help them with their initial moving-in and other procedures for beginning their student lives.

Career Support

The Career Development Office at the University of Tsukuba supports the job-hunting activities of international students, with on-campus company recruiting events specifically for international students as well as job-hunting follow-up seminars. Consultation regarding job-hunting activities is also available so that students will find themselves in a supportive environment where they can address any concerns they have, no matter how small.

Student Housing

The University of Tsukuba provides a living environment for students that compliments their studies, and the dormitories are designed so that students can experience life as self-sufficient citizens within a local community. There are a total of 60 dormitory buildings, with 3,430 single rooms, 153 double rooms, and 251 family units. Rooms include beds, desks, a wash basin, and a telephone, among other amenities. Students need only to bring whatever they require for their own personal needs in their daily lives.
For details, please refer to page 43 of the following guidebook.

Japanese Language Support

The Center for Education of Global Communication (CEGLOC) holds Japanese language supplementary courses as an extra-curricular activity.
For details, please refer to page 36 of the following guidebook.

Exchanges among international students

Housing Fee: From 13,540 yen, up to 44,000 yen
(Fees vary by the type of housing. A security deposit as well as utility costs are charged separately.)

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