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Bagi Anda yang ingin melanjutkan ke studi ke Shibaura Institute of Technology. JAPAN STUDY SUPPORT merupakan situs informasi studi di Jepang untuk para pelajar/mahasiswa(i) mancanegara yang dikelola bersama oleh The Asian Students Cultural Association (ABK) dan Benesse Corp. Kami menyediakan informasi rinci per jurusan riset, termasuk Engineering and ScienceatauGraduate school of Engineering Management pada Shibaura Institute of Technology. Bagi yang ingin mencari informasi studi di Shibaura Institute of Technology, silakan memanfaatkannya. Selain itu, kami juga menyediakan informasi sekitar 1300 universitas, pascasarjana, universitas yunior, akademi kejuruan yang siap menerima mahasiswa(i) mancanegara.

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芝浦工業大学 | Shibaura Institute of Technology

Nurturing talented engineers who can both learn from, and contribute to the global society.

Since its establishment in 1927, Shibaura Institute of Technology has pursued its founding mission of fostering practice-oriented engineers who can learn from and contribute to society, and worked to cultivate science and engineering talent to support Japan’s economy.
In 2014, the university was selected for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Top Global University Project, which provides prioritized support for universities to advance internationalization through partnerships with universities outside Japan and the pursuit of world-class education and research. SIT was one of just 37 out of the 781 universities in Japan to be selected under the project. We aim to provide a truly unique learning environment designed to foster "human resources who can learn from and contribute to the world."


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Shibaura Institute of Technology Program penelitianDaftar

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Graduate school of Engineering Management

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Informasi program jurusan penelitian

Features of the Graduate School of Engineering Management

The Graduate School of Engineering Management aims to nurture talented global individuals capable of contributing to the growth and development of economies and technology. Students will cultivate strong business ethics and carry out academic research to improve on a broad range of specialist knowledge acquired at the undergraduate level and through professional experience.
The Graduate School of Engineering Management endeavors to foster innovative leaders capable of incorporating new and innovative ideas into new products and services and renovating existing manufacturing and business processes. The School aims for unification between technology and management and a fusion of theory and practical training to ensure students acquire the knowledge and theoretical thinking skills necessary to realize the innovations that should be shared across different types of organizations.

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Graduate School of Engineering Management
The Five Disciplines Students Can Study in the Graduate School of Engineering Management

The Graduate School of Engineering Management is divided into five disciplines, covering academics through to practical training in a broad range of subjects.
• ‘Business Management’ offers subjects comparable to an MBA, allowing students to acquire a broad range of knowledge, starting with the fundamentals of business management.
• ‘Engineering Management’ offers subjects in which students learn the engineering management strategies necessary for engineering-focused innovation.
• In ‘Business Perspectives’ students debate the business issues and practices of various industries, under the guidance and lecture of actual business professionals.
• In ‘Practicum’ students turn their knowledge into a solid foundation, setting their own assignments, analyzing and debating results to hone initiative and the ability to conceptualize ideas.
• In ‘Global Class’ students acquire a global sense and perspective through taking classes in English and studying together with international students.

Students are free to choose the subjects from these five disciplines that best suit their individual needs. Completing a program in the Graduate School of Engineering Management shouldn’t be a goal, but more the beginning of a new future.

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