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  • Digital Communications

Digital Communications

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Faculty information

A single faculty and a single department : Digital Communication

[3 educational approaches for standing out in the future of our world]
Students will cultivate the professional expertise to use digital tools express themselves freely, the language skills to communicate with people around the world, and a vibrant creative spirit. These 3 educational elements, which are in demand for students in the modern age, are the pillars which support our unique curriculum which covers digital communication to provide the ability to stand out in the future with unlimited potential.

A promotional video production class

A promotional video production class

3DCG animation produced by students

3DCG animation produced by students

Video game produced by students

Video game produced by students

Cultivating skills to excel in the animation industry, from video creation to production

The distinct type of animation known as “anime” lies at the center of Japan’s contents industry and is renowned worldwide.
At DHU, the curriculum focuses on the ever-increasing role digitalization plays in anime production, with a learning environment where the industry’s top creators teach various techniques and skills.
Students will learn a variety of skills for supporting the next generation of the anime industry, covering topics such as video creation, screen writing, direction, and production.
They will polish the practical skills needed to excel in a broad range of fields both in Japan and around the world.

Learn a broad range of topics in the film and video industry, from planning to actual shooting, digital editing, and the film business

The film and video industry is currently spreading from traditional movie, television, and video formats to online and mobile media.
The film program at DHU is notable for covering not just the film and video technologies required for the rapidly-digitizing industry, but the history and business aspects of the film industry as well in a multifaceted curriculum.

Obtain the knowledge and skills for becoming a leader in online media spaces

Web-based industries have continued to grow at a remarkable pace thanks in part to the spread of smartphones and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, along with the growing presence of online businesses.
DHU’s program provides students with the leading-edge knowledge and skills required for working in web-based industries.
Apart from skills for building web sites, students will learn to plan and operate various web-based services so that they can develop into talented individuals who can excel in both current and future web industries.

Learning the advanced 3D computer graphics skills essential for video games, animation, and films

3D computer graphics (CG) are used today in applications ranging from video games, animation and film, to professional fields such as medicine and product design.
Students will learn starting with fundamental techniques, progressing to advanced expression methods for creating visual effects and 3D stereoscopic images.
The diverse topics covered also include the compositing of live action video together with CG, a technique used frequently in filmmaking.

Game Programming
Studying programming comprehensively, from theory to the latest ICT applications

Programming plays a role in all facets of our life and spans many industries, whether used in computers and smartphones, banking and ATMs, or for product management at convenience stores.
Programming is also an essential component in the production of video games.
At DHU, students learn skills such as programming languages and networking technologies through hands-on study.
Topics studied also include the usage of ICT in new types of business. Students will explore the immense potential held within such emerging technologies.

Graphic Design
Refining the flexible imagination and rich expressive ability necessary for professional design

Examples of graphic design can be seen all around us, from advertisements and books to magazine covers and product packaging.
In graphics design, a rich imagination and expressive ability is required to catch the eye and elicit an emotional response from viewers.
At DHU, students are trained to become designers who can excel in a wide variety of fields. They will learn expressive techniques using diverse media such as the Web and video, and study topics such as project planning and building product value through design.

Advanced Media Technology
Researching and creating new forms of media such as 4K ultra-high resolution video and projection mapping

The advent of computing trends such as social networks and big data have brought forth a diverse range of environments and businesses.
However, many believe there is even greater potential lying within such technologies.
At DHU, students learn computer-based knowledge and forms of expression based on the latest trends of society. They research and create forms of media and expression which have never been seen before.
Students grow into talented individuals who can use their rich imaginations and advanced technical skills to shape the future.

Creating new contents and businesses through the study of management and marketing

Business knowledge is essential for any industry or occupation.
When proposing to creating new contents or starting a new service, the business aspects must also be kept in mind.
At DHU, students will learn about topics related to management strategies, project planning, and marketing by studying real-world cases.
Classes where students simulate making presentations to investors and guest lectures by top business leaders hone students’ practical skills.

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