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デジタルハリウッド大学 | Digital Hollywood University


DHU has established a unique curriculum for systematic and progressive study within a single school in a dedicated department.

Digital Hollywood University is a private university located in Tokyo, Japan. It offers a 4-year bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication and 2-year master’s degree in Digital Content Management. The content of this field of study includes digital expression basics such as film, 3DCG, programming, web design and animation. Students will learn about various aspects of Japanese pop culture and the latest digital technologies.

The 4-year program provides an opportunity to develop talent capable of creating a new future with advanced professional expertise, international awareness, education in the liberal arts, and social and communication skills.

Six Characteristics of DHU:
1. Integrated curriculum for generating new value in the future
2. A dedicated team of professional faculty members who are active in the content and IT industries
3. Bilingual education and study abroad programs aimed at developing global talent
4. An unmatched industry network provides opportunities for students to realize their dreams
5. A quarterly system following international standards offers highly effective instruction and freedom of choice
6. A liberal arts education which is essential as a source of creative expression


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Digital Hollywood University Faculties

  • Digital Communications

Digital Communications

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Digital Hollywood University (DHU) Spring Open Campus 2017

Date/time:26 March 2017 (Sun) / 13:00~15:30
Place :Digital Hollywood Univ. Surugadai Campus
        4-6 Kandasurugadai Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
        Ochanomizu Sola City Academia 3rd floor

・Special talk by Prof. Sugiyama, president of Digital Hollywood University
・Introduction to the university
・Presentation by current students
・Individual consultation
・Students' portfolio exhibition
and many more...

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Facility guide

DHU Campus Information

DHU has 2 campuses, Surugadai Campus and Hachioji campus. Most of the classes are held in Surugadai Campus. Hachioji Campus is used as production studio, where students carry out major production assignments such as indoor and outdoor filming and long-term CG, video, and web production projects. Hachioji campus is also used for research purpose and extension lectures.

[Facilities Information] http://www.dhw.ac.jp/en/about/facility/
[Campus Access] http://www.dhw.ac.jp/en/access/

Surugadai Campus

Ochanomizu is one of Japan’s learning hubs, with numerous universities gathered in a small area. Akihabara is known world-wide as a nexus of pop culture. DHU’s campus can be found in this remarkable neighborhood.
The campus building uses ultrahigh-strength concrete and employs the latest in seismically-isolated construction. The campus is designed as the optimal environment for educating the next generation of talent, featuring cutting-edge facilities and sophisticated interior spaces.

Hachioji Campus/ Production Studio

The Production Studio is surrounded by lush greenery and contains various facilities for students’ use.
The facility, which is used for filming and student sports activities, includes a modern computer lab, project rooms, and overnight facilities for extended work on projects.

An open space in DHU cafetaria

Surugadai Hall

A green screen at the production studio

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