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武蔵野美術大学 | Musashino Art University

Japan’s Premier University of Art and Design: Fostering Aesthetic Talent for the World

Musashino Art University traces its history back to the Teikoku Art School, founded in 1929. Now, as Japan’s premier university of art and design, the university boasts an educational philosophy of “fostering cultured artists” and “art education geared toward true human freedom” and has sent over 60,000 graduates out into society. The ability to explore questions that have no correct answers and express the answers found through engaging in art and design, is valued today more than ever. Our graduates are lauded for their creativity and communication skills, and have gone on to play important roles in many companies in various industries both in Japan and around the world. Since 2012, Musashino Art University has been the only arts university listed in the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology’s "Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development.” Our school aims to foster artists and designers with the language and communication skills necessary to go out and succeed in the world.


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Art and Design

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Faculty information

A broad education fosters specialists of excellent character in the fields of art and design

Based on the traditional educational philosophy that artists will produce their best work when equipped with a broad general education and a well-developed character, the university provides a balanced and integrated curriculum in three subject areas: liberal arts, the fundamentals of art and design, and departmental subjects.

Strong support for international exchange

The fields of art and design have always been global in nature, and now Musashino Art University is proceeding with plans to strengthen its international exchange programs. By establishing agreements with the world’s elite art and design universities, Musashino Art University is dispatching and taking in exchange students and engaging in activities such as joint workshops. Furthermore, special classes are being held by visiting lecturers, and we are supporting our students’ activities overseas. Our efforts were recognized by the Ministry of Education in Japan (MEXT), and Musashino Art University was selected for the “Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development”.

Support for a wide range of careers

MAU’s students go on to use the specialized knowledge and creative abilities obtained from an art university education at many companies and in many industries throughout Japan, including media, printing, advertising, manufacturing, architecture, interior design, animation, video games and fashion. Our job placement office provides students with orientations and career seminars, as well as internship guidance sessions. For third-year students, we offer programs to support a variety of career options, including relevant career seminars, portfolio courses, and presentations.

Making a wood block print (Department of Painting, Printmaking Course)

Making a wood block print (Department of Painting, Printmaking Course)

Working with glass (Department of Industrial, Interior and Craft Design)

Working with glass (Department of Industrial, Interior and Craft Design)

Producing a drama play (Department of Imaging Arts & Sciences)

Producing a drama play (Department of Imaging Arts & Sciences)

Registered international students (by year)

Hong Kong2
Department of Japanese Painting

In the Department of Japanese Painting, students learn the fundamentals and traditions of Japanese painting, and then proceed to develop their own aesthetic. Students will cultivate their own creativity unrestrained by established norms.

Department of Painting

The Department of Painting is divided into two courses from the time of enrollment: oil painting and printmaking. A creative component focusing on painting or printmaking is complemented by the development of the potential of each student in new forms of expression such as art installations.

Department of Sculpture

In the Department of Sculpture, the meaning of creation is explored through formative activities. 3rd- and 4th-year students have access to our 7 studios where they can freely pursue their creative efforts.

Department of Visual Communication Design

In the Department of Visual Communication Design, students will consider methods of expression as designers that clearly convey their thoughts and feelings. Courses in a variety of fields such as advertising, packaging, and video design are available.

Department of Industrial, Interior and Craft Design

In this department, “human-centric creation” is explored. Students will develop an eye trained to see quality and cultivate the skills for devising forward-looking designs that hold new values. The department offers 3 courses: Craft, Industrial, and Interior design.

Department of Scenography, Display and Fashion Design

The Department of Scenography, Display, and Fashion Design offers 4 courses: Scenography (stage art and set dressing, etc.), Interior Design, Environmental Design, and Fashion Design. Through pursuing studies in the interplay of spaces, things, and people, students will aim to create and develop new forms of lifestyle culture.

Department of Architecture

Architecture is a way to open creativity to the public through design. Concepts of design and planning lie at the heart of substantive classes on interior spaces, city planning, and environmental planning through which students engage with the various forms of contemporary architecture.

Department of Science of Design

The Department of Science of Design provides students with encounters with the spontaneous manifestation of forms as well as the ability to create their own. Designers are cultivated who can apply their skills in any situation or medium.

Department of Imaging Arts and Sciences

The Department of Imaging Arts and Sciences provides opportunities for comprehensive studies in the visual arts in a wide variety of visual genres such as television drama, videography, photography, computer graphics, and animation. This program cultivates the next generation of visual imagery creators.

Department of Arts Policy and Management

The Department of Arts Policy and Management aims to train professional experts and curators for various art-related fields through practical and theoretical studies of expression.

Department of Design Informatics

The Department of Design Informatics provides learning in diverse media cultures from the two approaches of design and information science to explore the possibilities of new realms of expression.

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