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武蔵野大学 | Musashino University

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92 Years of History and Tradition

Musashino University, founded in 1924 by the internationally known Buddhist scholar Dr. Junjiro Takakusu, is an institution rich in both history and tradition. With its roots in Buddhist-based human education, Musashino has evolved into a comprehensive university boasting 9 Graduate Programs and 16 Departments within 9 Undergraduate Faculties, including literature, science, medicine and the Faculty of Global Studies, which opened in April 2016.

■University Brand Statement
“Creating Peace & Happiness for the World”
In striving to create peace and happiness for the world Musashino University has restructured its research and education and aspires to become an institution of global acclaim. In order to achieve this goal Musashino University encourages students, faculty members, and all other persons involved in the university to strengthen their sensitivity, their wisdom, and their ability to resonate and create together.

Programs offered in English
School of Global Studies, Department of Global Business

■ Videos introducing the university
Japanese https://youtu.be/gDNXR_79ksg
English https://youtu.be/EmnUeNbLfBI
Chinese https://youtu.be/8-bFFg-vW0A


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Faculty information

With a top-notch faculty teaching Japanese language, Japanese culture and traditional performing arts, the Faculty of Literature aims to nurture students who can serve as a bridge for international cultural exchange.

Located in a literary haven, students at Musashino University study the Japanese language, culture and literature, honing their sensitivities and awareness of issues, while also equipping themselves with strong reading comprehension and presentation skills, a sense of creativity and the ability to critique. These studies foster comprehensive communication skills and aim to nurture talented individuals who use their creativity and language to both view and create the world around them.

What makes the Faculty of Literature stand out?

 Taught by a faculty that includes current popular authors
The Faculty of Literature boasts a top-notch team of professors from a vast array of fields, including literary, linguistic and cultural researchers, young fiction writers such as Akutagawa Prize winner Masahiro Mita and Noh expert Richard Emmert. Come and join these teachers in discovering the beauty of the Japanese language and culture.

 Enjoy the Japanese culture with an abundance of literature and materials
Musashino University has a number of facilities, such as the Nohgaku Research Center, the Musashino Literature Museum, and the Japanese Culture Research Lab, all of which provide a wealth of literature covering a broad range of fields. In addition to housing an abundance of books and materials for researching Japanese culture, these facilities also hold open workshops and performances in the traditional Japanese arts of Noh and Kyogen. Come and really get to know the Japanese culture!

Class held by Akutagawa Prize winner Masahiro Mita

Class held by Akutagawa Prize winner Masahiro Mita

Learn about performing Noh and even experience it for yourself!

Learn about performing Noh and even experience it for yourself!

The Nohgaku Research Center is home to a vast selection of materials related to Noh and Kyogen.

The Nohgaku Research Center is home to a vast selection of materials related to Noh and Kyogen.

Registered international students (by year)

Department of Japanese Literature and Culture
With a focus on Japanese literature, students also study the Japanese language and culture through the study of traditional arts such as Kabuki, Noh and Kyogen.

Students can choose freely between courses on past to modern Japanese literature, Japanese linguistics, traditional performing arts, calligraphy, short verse, Haiku, contemporary poetry and children’s literature etc. In addition to becoming knowledgeable in their chosen area/s students will also get to try their hand at several different genres.

 Future Vision
Researcher, Announcer, Editor, Reporter, Publishing, Advertising, Theater related, Calligraphy Artist, Museum related work, Mass Communications, Cultural Project Organizer etc.

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