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Nihon University was formerly the Nihon Law School, which was established in 1889. Since its inception, the university has remained a leader at the forefront of university research and education with a global and enterprising spirit. An attractive university, with a wide range of academic disciplines, Nihon University has developed itself in not just the fields of academia and research, but also numerous other areas contributing to the betterment and welfare of society, such as medical care and lifelong learning. With 16 colleges, 87 departments, a Graduate School, a Junior College and a Distance Learning Division, Nihon University is one of the largest comprehensive universities in Japan.


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Faculty information

Nihon University produces human resources capable of contributing to society with a broad perspective and strong problem-solving skills.

Today, the four management resources of people, materials, money and information transcend boarders both rapidly and in large volumes, making the world as we know it go around. The global flow of these management resources is giving way to complex issues, the likes of which the world isn’t used to.
This changing society demands the cultivation of human resources who can respond to the dynamic changes in global trends as global citizens and not just from the perspective of their own countries.
The College of Commerce’s 3 departments of Commerce, Economics and Accounting, aim to nurture professionals who can react quickly and logically to the changing needs of the current day. From the second year students choose their major and start learning from a more specialist curriculum. With 7 courses available, the College of Commerce is committed to helping students realize their dreams.

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Department of Commerce
The Department of Commerce produces practical human resources who can be active in the business world while accurately judging the situations they encounter.

The study of commerce is made up of looking at the trading of goods and services and researching the various processes this involves. In the Department of Commerce students use a base of practical business theory to systematically research a wide variety of examples in marketing, logistics, trade, finance and business law. The Department of Commerce fosters human resources in line with globalization and the changing face of technology, with solid problem-solving and judgment-making skills, who are capable of calmly analyzing the continually changing trends of the market place and implementing effective measures.

Department of Business Administration
The Department of Business Administration produces people with the business and management skills necessary to respond to the changing demands of the business world, whether it be managing a company or running an NPO.

In the Department of Business Administration students will specialize in researching the foundation, operation and evaluation of a wide range of business organizations, including companies leading the market economy. Students will equip themselves with the business skills needed in management and starting up a business, as well as the practical skills required to promptly respond to rapidly changing economic trends. The Department nurtures leaders capable of actively taking the helm of organizations and finding and making the most of business opportunities in a turbulent market economy. The commercialization of the government and public administration sectors will ensure the skills students hone in the Department of Administration become even more valuable.

Department of Accounting
The Department of Accounting strives to produce specialists capable of handling the movement of business operations from a finance and accounting perspective.

Accounting plays an important role in business management by providing companies with information derived from figures and statistics on money, goods and services, as well as the drawing up of financial statements for company stakeholders, outlining financial information and management achievements. In the Department of Accounting students understand the fundamental role of accounting before honing specialist skills in financial accounting, managerial accounting, and the auditing of financial statements. The Department also offers support to students wanting to become certified public accountants or tax accountants etc.

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