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The website also provides detailed information about Toyo University and its faculties of Literature, Economics, Business Administration, Law, Sociology, Faculty of Global and Regional Studies, Life Sciences, Human Life Design, Science and Engineering, Information Science and Arts, Food Science, Information Networking for Innovation and Design, and International Tourism Management. Take full advantage of the site to learn everything you would like to know about Toyo University.
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東洋大学 | Toyo University

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Making our Future Stronger Through the Traditions of Philosophy

The beginnings of Toyo University can be found in the Philosophy Academy, which was established in 1887 by the philosopher Enryo Inoue. In an era where only the elite of society were able to receive an education, his school was a place for the higher education of all people.
Toyo University carries on the traditions of that school, and has opened its doors to the world and is actively taking in international students. Here, international students can find a world-class education that transcends borders and cultures, bringing together like-minded, motivated individuals in a comfortable and supportive learning environment.


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Business Administration

【Toyo University】
Former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mr. Mahathir, Visited Toyo University and joined a dialogue meeting with students.

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Faculty information

A multifaceted approach towards becoming a business professional by exploring the value companies create

Through the study of business administration, students can develop their decision-making and analytical skills. They can develop the critical and strategic thinking skills demanded by today's business world through the processing of theories together with personal experiences, and by receiving practical classroom guidance. Faculty members plan and implement process-focused learning to cultivate skills for excelling in society in creative ways.

Department of Business Administration
A scientific approach to the analysis of organizations and decision-making

The Department of Business Administration strives to train the business leaders of modern society, which is becoming progressively more globalized and information-based. Three types of guidance courses systematically guide the study of business: Business Organizations, Business Strategy, and Business and Technology.
Website in Japanese: http://www.toyo.ac.jp/site/dfba/

Department of Marketing
Learning about trade as part of society

Students will comprehensively study business activities such as marketing, advertising, distribution, international distribution, and information processing under the themes of trade and the economic activities surrounding trade in the business world. With the support of the Department of Marketing, students will learn to find their own voice and future in the business world.
Website in Japanese: http://www.toyo.ac.jp/site/dmrk/

Department of Accounting and Finance
Training monetary professionals

Accounting concerns the record-keeping, management, and reporting of the flow of sums of money. Finance describes the methods for effectively supporting and structuring that flow of money. As both accounting and finance grow increasingly complex in modern society, demand is growing in the business world for professionals in those fields. The Department of Accounting and Finance has responded to this need, and strives to train specialists in these fields through its modern, progressive curriculum.
Website in Japanese: http://www.toyo.ac.jp/site/dacf/

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